Allens Head North: Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is another really unique aspect to Seattle. Until the mid 50s, it was a gasification plant but since its closing, it has been opened as a public park.

Andy’s favorite part is walking up the “Great Mound” to see the view of Seattle across Lake Union. (Watch the bird poo!)

While I love the view, and those clouds (!!), I was quite excited to take pictures of the remaining gas structures. Thank you Andy for patiently following me about!

This park is great for dogs, picnics, and flying kites! There’s even a sheltered area for kids to play on. At the time we went, the kids area was housing some bums though. 🙁

Obviously I love the weather and the natural beauty in the northwest, just look at these amazing red autumn leaves taken in one of the most beautiful parking lots!

Oh how I love thee!

Tomorrow, Spooner Farms’ corn maze!

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