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Photo A Day, August—Week 1

Well I just got back from a week’s trip to South Dakota to visit my hubby’s grandparents who live on a 1,700 acre ranch in the middle of nowhere. All you can see from their house is pasture, cows, and an adorable white church up on the road. Since most of these never even made it to Instagram, there’s a bigger description below than the usual… be looking for another post later with more photos and a video from the trip as well!

And of course, thank you Kathleen for guest blogging on here while I was away!

1/outside: our view from our bedroom of the neighbor’s pasture. All other windows show their actual land which just goes and goes beyond any border you may see.

2/one: lunch in Valentine, one of the nearest towns, a whole hour away.

3/coin: little Ethan collected coins from around the house, so happy to see their little growing family even if it was just for three days!

4/somewhere I sat: another day in town but this time in Winner, also an hour away. We explored the Tripp County museum in  town, it sure was hopping way back then!

5/logo: I saw this logo on all of Grandma Lyon’s groceries, mighty popular in the midwest.

6/writing: I just looooooved this hand painted signage for Coca Cola in the town of Valentine. I saw it last Thursday and had hoped to visit it on “logo” day but it totally works for “writing” too!

7/8 o’clock: yesterday morning we had to say goodbye to the ranch and to Grandma and Grandpa, this is actually a capture from the video! They are just so darn cute!

P.S. It’s not too late to join in on the fun, I posted the list just last week.

P.P.S. You want to join but don’t feel like looking at last week’s post, here’s the list for ya!

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