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June 2011

1. Andrea Stark Poster Series This project just screams CREATIVE! At first I had saved this blog post because of the beautiful patterns, but then as I read through the process and concept, I was blown away! Each poster design was created by manipulating an existing object, Stark describes: This poster series was part of a wider research project exploring the value of decoration. The designs were created using everyday objects, residues and ephemera. Each A1 print is double-sided, with the original objects printed on the reverse of the decorative design that was created from them. View more of the project, here, like the packaging for delivery, and the other prints in the series. Truly amazing design and print work. Found via For Print Only. 2. Gallery Picture Wall Love the colors in these family photographs, and the way they incorporated straight color boxes, plus the wood typography board with their previous addresses. There's DIYs for these different projects and a lot more on the site, The Savvy Photographer. So sweet! Found via Vania Morris' Pinterest. 3. Jamie Reed’s Magnetic Toy Promo Creating a truly unique promotion for yourself as a designer is hard! Designers are going to such great lengths to stand a part. Obviously, the