The Allen Home: Maps

I have been planning this post for some time now, ever since this post on design*sponge. After seeing maps and globes around so many other’s homes, I wanted to share mine! When Andy and I were planning our home together we wanted a travel theme with a heavy influence by Indiana Jones. So here’s a small home tour of the Allen Home’s maps…

Our first map we bought, from JC Penney. We were just about to move in to our first apartment and were so excited to find this HALF OFF!

Antique World Wall Map

A little globe Andy found at a garage sale sits atop our television cabinet.

Small Antique Globe

A very cool find from another garage sale, it’s the same globe used in Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post.

Floor Antique Globe

A gifted map from our good friends BJ and Melissa Rice… thank you thank you thank you! This finds its home in our Pirates of the Caribbean themed office, which has not yet been fully developed.

Indies Map

And lastly, my mom buys us a vintage map wall calendar each year. Here’s March. See the pirate’s booty in the cabinet? Oh and my hoard of shot glasses?!

Calendar Map

Thanks for touring the Allen Home!

6 thoughts on “The Allen Home: Maps

  1. suzannebrandsen says:

    Hi, I just found your blog by searching “Home” on wordpress & I loved this post! We have a “map” wall at our house too – (I also heart maps) – it’s cut into pieces & framed in unmatching frames. I’m planning on posting a picture of it sometime soon. Anyway, love your Indiana Jones inspiration – because guess what, I love Disneyland too! 🙂

    Glad I found your blog today, I’ll be back!

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