Evernotes Every Friday, Special Edition: Japan

I interrupt the regularly scheduled Evernotes Every with a special edition: artwork & merchandise created for Japan, either to raise funds or raise awareness or just as an outpouring of the heart.

Each graphic links to their source…

Hey Jojo Studios

Help by Jim LePage

'Army for Japan' Tshirt

Jacob-cass Japan Tear

Japan Earthquake 2011 no.1

HELP JAPAN - 12x16 Japanese Girl giclee print

The Earth Quaked, Designers Designed

Love for Japan

Japan in Need

A_icon Japan

Japan Heart Print

One thought on “Evernotes Every Friday, Special Edition: Japan

  1. Bobby Shukwit says:

    Very Cool, amazing how simple designs can evoke an emotion, I like the “Help Japan” one the best.

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