Your New Friend Sam, Etsy Shop: Will You Be My Godparent Invitations, Greeting Cards, and Thank You Cards for Godmothers and Godfathers

Godmother Invitations by Your New Friend Sam - Cream Cardstock with Gold Glitter Embossing Upgrades

Nearly 2 years ago, a friend of mine commissioned me to make her a handlettered print to give as a gift to her daughter’s godparents. After listing it in my shop, I had a few requests to have “Will You Be My Godmother?” cards. Of course, at the time, greeting cards were not in my skill set—or so I thought—so I would decline those orders. After the launch of my bridal party invitation line last October, it occurred to me that I was now more than able to offer Godparent cards. Just after Christmas, I created and listed “Will You Be My Godmother/father/parents?” cards and they were more of a success than I could have dreamed.

I love selling on Etsy as it is a shopping platform that invites its customers to truly create something so unique. There is no hesitation to reach out to customize existing listings and thanks to that, I’ve been able to design some very fun and personal cards and prints.

Godmother Invitations by Your New Friend Sam - Cream Cardstock with Personalized Gold Glitter Embossing

With the immediate success of the cards, I thought to update my original Godparent poem listing with a fully handlettered poem to match the cards and list it as a Instant Download, Godparents Handwritten Poem, or a FREE download with card purchase.

Godmother Invitations by Your New Friend Sam - Black Cardstock with White Embossing and Printed Poem 2

Yet again, custom orders came in for the poem to be printed within the card itself. With that, a truly deluxe card listing was made. These are my favorite to make as they are mini works of art but in card form. From the embossed front of the card to the full length poem within, I can only imagine each godparent opening their sweet little card and accepting the invitation with joy. I can’t say enough how much I love my shop and the opportunities I’ve had from it.

Below are a few more favorites of mine, but you can see the ever growing collection of greeting cards here.

Will You Be My Godfather by Your New Friend Sam - Gray Cardstock with Black Sparkle Embossing Madrina Invitations by Your New Friend Sam - Cream Cardstock with Personalized Gold Glitter Embossing and Gold EnvelopeWill You Be My Godparents Personalized navy Poem and White Signature by Your New Friend Sam - Gray Cardstock with White Embossing  Thank You For Being My Godmother Personalized Poem and Signature by Your New Friend Sam - Cream Cardstock with Gold Embossing

Hope this gives you a great glimpse into my little world of embossed cards!

Purchase your cards on Etsy or message me to create a custom order:

Godparent Invitations

Godparent Invitation with Embossed Personalization

Godparent Invitation with Personalized or Addressed Envelope

Thanks for Being My Godparent

Thank You For Being My Godparent

Card with Printed Poem and Signature Option

Madrina and Padrino Invitations

Your New Friend Sam Giveaway, Celebrating My 2,000th Sale!

Your New Friend Sam Giveaway Type

Feels like just yesterday I was freaking out over my 1,000th sale. And today, just 4 months later, the shop has had its 2,000th sale. I count each sale as a step in a new direction for my life, and daily, I am blown away that the whirlwind of the holidays never slowed down but only continues to gain momentum.

So to celebrate and thank everyone for their support these past few months, I wanted to do a little give-away! After asking on Facebook about what I should give away from my shop, I decided to give a store credit of $30 to one lucky winner that shares my promo graphic.

So whether you want an address stamp or a thank you stamp… a custom invitation design or paper cut silhouettesa handlettered print of a favorite saying, or glittered bridesmaid invitations… this give-away is for you!

Your New Friend Sam Giveaway

However, all day today and through the weekend, anyone that purchases from my shop will receive 20% off with the code: CELEBRATE20.

Your New Friend Sam 20% off all day


1. Leave a comment in the comment section telling me what you would want to get with your shop credit.

2. Facebook, tweet, or Instagram the giveaway graphic (see image below). Be sure to include @samallencreates and #yournewfriendsam—or tag me on Facebook so I can make sure to count your entry.

3. BONUS! Get a second entry into the drawing by pinning to Pinterest an image from my shop. Tag me on Pinterest or comment below with a link to your pin.

The contest will run until 12 midnight this Sunday, March 6. I’ll be randomly drawing the name of the winner on Monday, notifying the winner by email to the email address in associated in their comment on this post.

Your New Friend Sam Giveaway

Your New Friend Sam, Etsy Shop: Will You Be In My Bridal Party Cards, Bridesmaid Invitations

Cream Cardstock with Gold Glitter Embossing. Gold Envelope

Cream Cardstock with Gold Glitter Embossing. Gold Envelope

This past fall, after some experimenting with embossing, I added some “will you be in my bridal party?” cards. They were an unexpected success… selling my first 100 in just 6 weeks. Rather quickly, custom requests starting coming in… with wording revisions like “will you be in my house party” or totally new card requests like “to my _____ on my wedding day”… with those new cards, and along with new color options (apparently navy is a hot commodity, next to gold!) there was quite an assortment to choose from!

Below are a few favorites of mine, but you can see the ever growing collection of greeting cards here.

Cream Cardstock with Gold Glitter Embossing

Cream Cardstock with Gold Glitter Embossing

Kraft Brown with Gold Glitter

Kraft Brown with Gold Glitter

Cream Cardstock with Gold Glitter Embossing. Gold Addressed Envelopes

Cream Cardstock with Gold Glitter Embossing. Gold Addressed Envelopes

White, Silver or Gold Embossing Options

White, Silver or Gold Embossing Options on Black Cardstock

Bridesmaid Bridal Party Invitations by Your New Friend Sam - Cream Cardstock with Gold Glitter Embossing Personalized Bridesmaid Love Bride

Personalized with a signature from the bride-to-be.

Happy Two Years to My Little Shop, Your New Friend Sam

your new friend sam 2years anniversary

Wow, just wow. Each and every day, I still can’t believe what’s blossomed over these last two years.

Starting out, I didn’t think I’d have time to ship product, so I only listed printable, downloadable invitations. Then, while helping my best friend with her wedding, I added some various new items—like an address stamp that I hand lettered. From there my shop exploded from just printables to a rubber stamp and lettering shop. Nothing that I even started with. I can go weeks without even selling a printable invite, but daily, I’m selling things I’ve handlettered. Where? What? How?

your new friend sam shipping orders

Starting out, I didn’t even know I could letter. That I could write in a way that people would want to buy it. Buy it for their weddings, for their businesses, for tattoos on their arms! It’s such a a simple concept and it blows my mind daily. And I thank God for giving me that skill. Yes, I’ve studied and practiced like crazy, but truly, if I can call this a gift, it all came from God. There is no other way to explain it. And that’s the only way I can even try to fathom how I got to where I am now.

A year ago from this moment, I never ever ever everrrrrrr would have anticipated what was about to happen in that second year.

  • I never would have guessed that the first month of the [second] year of my shop, I would get 50 orders—10 more than the whole first year combined!— let alone that the last month of the year (January) I would have nearly 300!
  • I never would have guessed that when I created my “made with love” stamp with my friend Trisha in mind, it would launch a whole series of “love” stamps or the style of the writing would draw so many inquires to have logos and other related items done in a similar way.

your new friend sam love rubber stamps 8021

  • I never would have guessed that when I saw what the minimum amount of sales was to file taxes for Etsy was that I would meet and far exceed that amount. I specifically remember laughing and scoffing at that, thinking there was no way that would even be feasible.
  • I never would have thought that something I hand lettered would become a tattoo! A permanent art piece on someone’s body!
  • I never would have thought that when my friend (Trisha, again!) asked me to design her sister-in-law’s shower invites, it would inspire and launch a whole line of glitter embossed greeting card cards… almost 500 bridal party cards sold since mid-October to today!

your new friend sam glitter embossed bridesmaid invitations8038

  • I never would have guessed that my shop would be featured on the David Tutera blog (twice!) or even international blog sites like Fanny Staaf’s (twice!).
  • I never ever would have thought I’d reach 500 sales within the year, but that marker was passed in the summer and by November, I hit 1,000 sales! The Christmas rush came and went and things have only gained speed. With having my 1,700th sale last night, 2,000 sales is just around the corner in a matter of a few short months or even weeks! I seriously can not even believe it. No really, I can’t believe it.

lacey ostoj hum right along your new friend sam shop rubber stamp

If so much could happen in just the second year, while making hundreds of contacts and relationships with clients all over the world… I can only imagine what is to come this third year. This has been the most overwhelmingly insane year of my life—work-wise—but the most wondrous, amazing, and rewarding year as well. It was a year of taking chances, seeing what worked and what didn’t work and finding help and support from my friends and family in such sweet and endearing ways. It was learning to refine the craft of hand lettering with each order and discovering new writing styles. With each step of faith, God has just confirmed over and over again that what is happening is all from Him because there is no way I could have had any success at this apart from Him. I am ever so thankful…

Happy birthday my sweet little shop, how you’ve opened my eyes to dreams I never knew I had. To a future, I never knew could exist. To endurance that I never knew I had.

View more blog posts on my shop here.

Or just go straight to my Etsy shop, Your New Friend Sam, here.

Your New Friend Sam, Etsy Shop: It’s a Frozen Celebration

Frozen Inspired Birthday Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 454

Now that it’s December and really starting to feel like winter here in Southern California, I thought it was a perfect time to post about my new Frozen inspired invitations!

Several months ago, I dreamed up a list of all the items I’d like to add to my shop, a Frozen themed invitation being one of them. Not long after that, an old friend inquired about having a Frozen themed invite custom designed for her daughter’s third birthday party. Divine, right?

I started dreaming up how I’d want the invite to look, but as I am not much of an illustrator, I called upon my wonderful friend Rachel, a student at University of California Irvine. And a very familiar face around this blog.

After giving Rachel a sketch and some images to inspire the look and feel of the invite, she went to town painting up the background of the invite on several pages for me to digitally piece together. I just love the look of these in person, the depth and texture to each layer of paint… it’s just gorgeous and so tactile.

Frozen Inspired Hand Painted by Rachel from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 492 Frozen Inspired Hand Painted by Rachel from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 495 Frozen Inspired Hand Painted by Rachel from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 493

I just loved how the piece came together and since we didn’t use the actual characters from Frozen, the invite can be created for a variety of winter themed parties and showers.

But first and foremost, we created it for a very special 3 year old’s birthday party… I love working on custom designs, the client gets to work hand in hand with me, getting a say over the color choices and overall look of the invite. We also upgraded the envelopes to a pretty “ice” silver. They were literally called “ice”—how meant to be is that?!

Frozen Inspired Birthday Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy

It wasn’t until I started to work on the lettering for the invite that I was struck with the idea of creating this same invite with a variety of type treatments to allow the invite to cross over from just being a Frozen invite to winter parties and showers. So we then created Winter One-derland/Wonderland for first birthdays and Oh, Baby It’s Cold Outside for baby showers.

Frozen Inspired Winter Onederland Wonderland Birthday Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 480 Frozen Inspired Winter Onederland Wonderland Birthday Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 482 Frozen Inspired Oh Baby Its Cold Outisde Baby Shower Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy

And to close, here’s a close up of those icy envelopes, addressed to my favorite Frozen character and her main squeeze.

Frozen Inspired Birthday Invitation Envelope Addressing from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 490

All these invitations and options are available in my Etsy shop!

Interested in your custom invitation design? Contact me!

5 Ways to Prepare and Shop for Christmas with Your New Friend Sam

Your New Friend Sam Christmas stamps

Guys, it’s November?! What? How did that even happen…?

Now that I just wrapped up my best friend’s baby shower this past weekend, I’m ready to dive deep into Christmas! Well, at least start to prep—because we can’t forget Thanksgiving, of course… especially since we’re hosting it this year!

Anyway…. I just wanted to do a super sales-pitchy post (without being too-too-pushy) about how I can help YOU get ready for the holidays! Whether its gifts for your loved ones or designing something special for your annual Christmas card. Let’s work together!


Your New Friend Sam Handwritten Vows Kraft Print 972

For the Newlyweds

A perfect gift for newlyweds would be to have their vows handwritten and framed to display in their new home. If you don’t have access to their vows, what about the lyrics to their first dance song?

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Whimsical Handwritten Wedding Vows 128

your new friend sam - bookplate and library pocket cards grace

For the Student and the Reader

Every reader that has a growing collection of books needs to have a way of personalizing them. First with a bookplate stamp that will mark it as theirs and then a library card pocket to keep track of who has borrowed from their library.

your new friend sam - once upon a time bookplate stamp

Your New Friend Sam Calligraphy Address Stamp Warren Family

For the Family or New Homeowner

The product that started the craziness that has become my Etsy shop! These address stamps make a perfect gift for those who just bought their first home… but they are wonderful for any family or couple. Really anyone who sends mail could use an address stamp.

Your New Friend Sam Address Stamp - Keith <3 Lisa

Your New Friend Sam Handwritten Embossed Christmas Cards

For You!

Maybe you need an address stamp too because…. it’s time to send those annual Christmas cards— whether they are handwritten and embossed with a fine glitter or white opaque powder… or the traditional photo card.

Your New Friend Sam Christmas Cards

Your New Friend Sam, Merry Christmas Rubber Stamp

For Gift Wrap:

Now that you’re done shopping and the cards have been sent… it’s time to get wrapping! Whether you want handwritten gift tags or a holiday stamp (Merry Christmas or a simple to/from)!

Your New Friend Sam, Name Gift Tags

Your New Friend Sam Handwritten Merry Christmas Gift Tags

Bonus! Let’s get together for a family photo session! Email me for pricing—there’s only a few weekend dates left available!

Thanks for shopping with me! Looking forward to working with you!!

P.S. The Wedding Vows printables also make great gifts to anyone with a favorite song or bible verse, instead of vows, create a design with their favorite bible verse or their favorite song lyrics.

Your New Friend Sam Etsy Whimsical Handwritten Wedding Vows Kraft paper 776

Your New Friend Sam, Etsy Shop: Rubber Stamps for Shops

What I love most about shopping on Etsy are the personal relationships you develop with your customers and other shop owners. Each shop has a face to the name and although the shops create a market that span continents, it feels like a small little community!

Since Christmas is coming ever so quickly, I thought I’d share about a few of my clients that bought stamps from me for their own Etsy shops, and real life shops! If you have a moment, or two, settle in with a nice cup of coffee and check them out! Maybe get some early holiday shopping done!


lacey ostoj hum right along your new friend sam shop rubber stamp

Lacey Osojo of Hum Right Along

I loved working with Lacey on her stamp! Plus I was so honored and smitten to read her blog post on her stamp! Like over the moon, can not believe my eyes in shock, happy! Since then we have been blogging and Instagram friends! So fun!

Anyway, take a looksie around her shop… she sells handstamped jewelry with various sayings. Of course my favorite is Made to Create which I featured on my birthday wish list this year! As Lacey says, “I hope you find something you can’t live without!”

humming right along create necklace

katie bee jewelery - your new friend shop rubber stamp

Katie Rice of KT Bee Jewelry

I was so excited when Katie approached me regarding my Circle Shop Stamp… she wanted to elaborate on that with a leafy wreath and a little bumble bee! Loved how it came out, and love it even better in color!

Check out her jewelry here in her shop… my favorite is the pearl layering necklace as seen in the photo above.

P.S. A portion of the proceeds now goes to supporting the Wounded Warrior Project!

katie bee final etsy your new friend sam logo design

elise taylor - your new friend shop stamp

Elise Taylor Design

Elise is such a sweetheart! And her wood sign and crafts are so unique. Her shop, Elise Taylor Design, specializes in hand-painted wooden signs for weddings, bachelorette parties, engagement shoots, and nurseries. These signs are so perfect for nautical inspired weddings and showers!

elise taylor - Nautical Flag Paddle

jolie mae shop rubber stamp by your new friend sam web

Jolie Mae Collections

When the husband and wife team of Jolie Mae Collections first approached me to create their stamp, they actually liked this bookplate stamp. So they were the very first to customize it for shops! And it’s become quite popular ever since! So thanks Jolie Mae! Their shop specializes in wedding signs but includes so so so much more than that! I love their chalkboards that include mail slots and holders for other random items like phones. There’s a little something for everybody!

jolie mae wedding signs on etsy

just frayin around your new friend sam etsy shop rubber stamp with muslin bag

Just Frayin’ Around

I know I’ve said this so many times, but I love when Etsy clients further customize the stamps to their own unique style and tastes, even when it was just to remove the circle around my popular circle shop stamp. Jessica’s shop, Just Frayin’ Around, has such cute items, and a wide range to choose from… unique clothing to vintage baby items and accessories! I love her monogrammed bloomers!

just frayin around your new friend sam etsy shop rubber stamp

mercy market shop rubber stamp from Etsy Your New Friend Sam

Mercy Market

I’m really excited to post about this brand new shop, The Mercy Market. They’re a non-profit that specialize in wood signs, small canvas prints, and magnets. All their profit goes to support the Mercy House, in Kenya, a maternity home that aids pregnant girls living in extreme poverty. They are still building their shop, so please check back soon!

Mercy Market products

no.2 sweetheart shop stamp melindajanewain from Your New Friend Sam

No. 2 Sweetheart, Austraila

Yup, that’s right! This store is a real life store, not just a digital store front! And they’re in Austraila! How fun!! No. 2 Sweetheart is a “green boutique” with a range of products from clothing to haircare, homewares to makeup. Visit their site here… or if you’re in Austraila…. 🙂

no.2 sweetheart shop

blooms in paradise shop rubber stamp from Your New Friend Sam

Blooms In Paradise

@bloomsinparadise on Instagram

Jackie from Blooms in Paradise is based out of gorgeous Hawaii where she crafts flower crowns! From Hawaii. She’s the real deal! Currently, Jackie only sells on Instagram but is hoping to open an Etsy shop sometime soon! Check her out!

blooms in paradise flower crowns shop

Lve2Cre8 rubber stamps by Your New Friend Sam

Love 2 Cre8

Instead of creating a custom stamp with Your New Friend Sam, Cheryl from Love 2 Cre8, purchased a few stock stamps to decorate and personalize her packaging for newborn accessories.

Lve2Cre8 newborn photo by Jessica Bentley

Thanks so much for taking a look around… already have a handful of new shops to post about so keep your eye out for a part 2!

All photos above are provided by clients except the Frayin’ Around stamp image.