Jeannette’s Newborn Photos, Family Photography

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 574

It’s always amazing to see friends you’ve known for forever become parents. Brittany and I have known each other since we were seven years old and little Brownie Girl Scouts! She met the love of her life just after Andy and I got married in 2007… and if you have been following my blog for a few years now, I took their engagement photos and posted about Brittany’s wedding and just recently, her “Bebe Soiree,” French themed baby shower.

And now, here is their little bundle of joy, their princess, Jeannette Marie! She was so itty bitty during her newborn photoshoot at only 6 days old. What a little love. I miss her so!

Hope you enjoy some of these darling photos of the little miss!

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 630 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 624 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 638

Baby Jeannette was resting peacefully during her photos, the below photo shows her in her bassinet that used to be her grandpa Mike’s when he was a baby! What an heirloom!

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 665 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 710 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 819 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 811

Baby Jeannette is her daddy’s little twin. So precious.

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 750 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 714

Amelia’s 9 Month Bubble Bath and Easter Photos, Menifee Baby Photography

Outdoor Easter Dress Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3094

Rachel and I had been racking our brains trying to come up with something unique for the little miss’ 9 month photos.

rachel bathtubA few times Rachel had mentioned wanting to get a photo of Amelia in an old wash tub—like a photos she had of herself as a child—so that inspired our outdoor bubble bath session!

But first, we had to get a few photos in her Easter dress!

What I love most about having these sessions every 3 months is capturing the ever changing personality of a child. Mia loves to clap and gives these amazing crinkle nose smiles!

Outdoor Easter Dress Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3026

And for awhile now she’s been standing up—when holding on to anything she can, but holding mama’s hand is definitely the sweetest!

Outdoor Easter Dress Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3097

Outdoor Easter Dress Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3005

And now time for the bath photos!

Outdoor Bubble Bath Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3275

Again, I love how these capture Mia so perfectly. She’s so observant, always looking down to explore everything within reach. And of course, once that new found object is within her little hands, in the mouth it goes!

Outdoor Bubble Bath Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3294 Outdoor Bubble Bath Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3295

Outdoor Bubble Bath Photos 9 Month Baby Photography

Outdoor Bubble Bath Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3546 Outdoor Bubble Bath Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3606

These last few remind me so much of Mia’s newborn session when she would not leave her mama’s arms. So so sweet!

Outdoor Bubble Bath Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3673 Outdoor Bubble Bath Photos 9 Month Baby Photography_3692

Baby Mia… I will forever love you as you’ve captured my heart with your sweet smile and curious personality. I am so blessed to be able to watch you grow and honored to be able to capture all that you do with my lens. <3

Some tips for you, if you plan to totally “wing it” with your own outdoor bubble bath photos….

I really wanted to make sure the setting had the depth and wide open light to really make the bubbles shine, however this led to us having to transport many gallons of water in the trunk of a car. So preferably, having a hose nearby would have been pretty nice! 🙂

Also, make sure the water isn’t too cold… since I’m not a mama, I definitely didn’t think of that going in to this shoot so it took Mia quite some time to allow us to sit her down in the tub. Oh well, the standing photos are just as cute if not more so!

And of course, bring lots of extra bubbles for the bubble machine!

Rachel and Amelia’s Bedroom in the Trees, Mama and Baby Photography


This photo shoot came to being when Rachel and her little babe stayed the weekend at my house. Seeing them snuggled up together in bed sparked an idea to make a little outdoor bed complete with a wooden pallet headboard, a bedroom among the trees if you will.

We definitely were just “winging” it the day we scampered about town looking for a location and finally found this grove of trees within a 5 minute drive from my house.

In my head I pictured our little sleepy baby from Amelia’s newborn and 3 month photos, but of course the little miss was wide awake… and probably wondering what in the world her mama and auntie were up to!

Either awake or asleep, these photos came out like a dream… I really love each of them and I feel like they truly capture the snuggles that only a mama and her babe share!

rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0080 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0096 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0044

I think this may be my favorite. I love how Amelia is holding on to her mama’s sweater.



rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0295 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0281 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0013 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0261 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0193 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0337 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0355 rachel-amelia-menifee-baby-photography-outdoor-bed-in-trees_0245

Some tips for you if you want to try something like this…

  • Off white sheets would probably work better as a lot of the details were lost with the bright white-ness!
  • Find a spot with lots of shade so your “bedroom” scene doesn’t look quite so much outdoors.
  • And of course, plan around the babe’s schedule for when she’s sleepy, if that’s the look you’re going for. 🙂

Amelia’s 3 Month Portraits, Outdoor Newborn Photography, Lake Elsinore


Oh how this little babe loves to sleep!

When we took Miss Amelia’s photos at 1 week old, she wouldn’t wake up for anything… this time we got a few smiley awake moments but otherwise she really didn’t want us to interrupt her beauty sleep yet again!

At least she’s just as darling asleep as she is awake.

So without further ado… say hello to miss Amelia at 11 weeks old.




And finally she awoke with some adorable gummy grins before passing out again… after getting to spend a whole weekend with her in the beginning of September, I truly fell in love with this girl even more. She’s just such a happy baby with the cutest gummy grin that she puts her whole body into. Too cute, little love!


And back to sleep she goes…


And since her mama is a model, we just had to get a few shots of the sleeping babe snuggled up in her mama’s arms.




Looking forward to the 6 month photos… hopefully she’ll be awake and ready to strike a pose!

Amelia Celine, Newborn Photography and Birth Announcement, with her Mama Rachel


Miss Amelia made her debut a few weeks early, gracing us with her presence on June 8, just weeks after her baby shower.

Rachel and I wasted no time in getting together for photos exactly on her one week birthday.

The little princess did not want to show us her skin but I did manage to snap my favorite photo before we bundled her back up!


She just loved being close to her mama…

amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0819 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0778 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0714 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0770 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0687 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0826

Purple Chevron Birth Announcement

And we just finished Miss Amelia’s baby announcement—matching the colors to her outfit but the fonts to her shower invitation! With love, Hello, to you too Miss Amelia! I love you so much already!

purple-chevron-birth-announcement-0963 purple-chevron-birth-announcement_0969 purple-chevron-birth-announcement_0966