Jeannette’s Newborn Photos, Family Photography

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 574

It’s always amazing to see friends you’ve known for forever become parents. Brittany and I have known each other since we were seven years old and little Brownie Girl Scouts! She met the love of her life just after Andy and I got married in 2007… and if you have been following my blog for a few years now, I took their engagement photos and posted about Brittany’s wedding and just recently, her “Bebe Soiree,” French themed baby shower.

And now, here is their little bundle of joy, their princess, Jeannette Marie! She was so itty bitty during her newborn photoshoot at only 6 days old. What a little love. I miss her so!

Hope you enjoy some of these darling photos of the little miss!

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 630 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 624 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 638

Baby Jeannette was resting peacefully during her photos, the below photo shows her in her bassinet that used to be her grandpa Mike’s when he was a baby! What an heirloom!

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 665 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 710 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 819 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 811

Baby Jeannette is her daddy’s little twin. So precious.

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 750 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 714

Baby Hudson’s Newborn Photos

Hudson Ryan Hospital 43 bw

Well now that this little guy is over 3 months old, I guess its time to post his newborn photos that we shot back in December. Goodness, I am so behind in life….

Let me introduce to you the newest little fella to my family of friends (I swear, I have the cutest collection of nephews in the whole wide world!!)…

Hudson Ryan Pankratz was born the weekend before Christmas. We all waited patiently, checking our phones constantly, to hear when this little love had arrived. And we all jumped from our chairs when Grandma Kelly came running back from the delivery room with Hudson’s first photos. And then we all fell in love.

I’m so proud of my best friend! I will never forget that wonderful night…

Hudson Ryan Hospital 40


He still sleeps just like this with his arms out flashing those macho biceps.




Hudson Ryan Hospital 45

A few days later, Andy and I drove up to visit and take some more photos of him for his birth announcement.

Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 80 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 71 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 39 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 43 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 02 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 37 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 57

Told you it’s been awhile….

Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 30 Santa Hat

Even more proof that I am quite behind… here’s little Hudson this past weekend at his Auntie Brittany’s birthday. Love that little grin!

Hudson Ryan 3 Months 9039

Oh Hudson, your Auntie Sam loves you more than you will ever know. Thanks for blessing us so much and being such a joy to your mommy and daddy. Looking forward to our big trip to New York later this month. Prepare for 4 months worth of cuddles jammed into one single week. Love you forever and always.

Hudson Ryan Hospital 60

Remi’s 3 Month and Trembly Family Photos at Santa Rosa Plateau

gillian family photos santa rosa 415

Years and years ago, like 12 years ago, this loud and energetic and FUN girl was in a dance class I assisted in. Fast forward a few years and I come to find out she actually went to the church and was friends with my hubby and my new found group of friends. We were even in our friends wedding in the fall of 2012 together!

And fast foward another couple years and here were are on a gorgeous summer day photographing her new family of 3! It’s amazing what God does in our lives, the gifts he gives from friends to family.

Hope you enjoy these photos of little Remi and her loving parents, Gillian and Drew.

And thanks Auntie Yoyo for assisting us that day, I am ever so thankful!

We started with my version of baby photos, outside with blankets… I call it my ghetto newborn style. 🙂 But it works, right?

gillian family photos santa rosa 047 gillian family photos santa rosa 071 gillian family photos santa rosa 105

Then we brought the new parents in for more family fun.

gillian family photos santa rosa 233 gillian family photos santa rosa 285

Nothing beats the smiles for Daddy.


gillian family photos santa rosa 44 gillian family photos santa rosa 281 gillian family photos santa rosa 323 gillian family photos santa rosa 362 gillian family photos santa rosa 403 gillian family photos santa rosa 563


Let’s end with my favorites, shall we?


gillian family photos santa rosa 626 gillian family photos santa rosa 633


Meeting Baby Emily, My New York Niece

emily ann 3 weeks new york 275

See part 1 of my trip to upstate New York to visit my best friend and her new baby here.

I can’t believe I’ve already been back from New York for a week! I seriously miss it more and more each day… once you see these photos you’ll know why… we spent the week relaxing and cuddling on the couch with the new babe… going on walks downtown… taking baths of course… and then taking lots of photos to document little Emily in all her 3 weeks adorableness!

I love this little family of 3 and just couldn’t wait to go through the photos from the trip. Shockingly, there aren’t that many… Considering I was there for almost a whole week that is! But it was so nice to put the camera away and just enjoy life! Hope you enjoy this small glimpse into small town life from upstate New York where the fields are green and a little rain never hurt anybody!

emily ann 3 weeks new york 122

I’ll forever cherish these little moments when Joyce was napping and Emily and I got to snuggle up… she was a big fan of all my picture taking… 🙂

emily ann 3 weeks new york 196 emily ann 3 weeks new york 193

We spent an evening just sitting on the porch, Emily loved looking around at the trees and birds flying by. And of course I just loved how she was so gently holding on to her mama’s arms. Ugh, so sweet.

emily ann 3 weeks new york 172 emily ann 3 weeks new york 129

Seriously, check out that head of hair!!

emily ann 3 weeks new york 178

The “maiden voyage” of the stroller… walking around town with the pups.

emily ann 3 weeks new york 229 emily ann 3 weeks new york 230

More baths!

emily ann 3 weeks new york 248 emily ann 3 weeks new york 257

And of course, after bath time, I just had to take some last photos before my plane ride home.

emily ann 3 weeks new york 263 emily ann 3 weeks new york 276 emily ann 3 weeks new york 296

I was so fascinated by those gorgeous eyelashes of hers. She’s just beautiful!

emily ann 3 weeks new york 310 emily ann 3 weeks new york 300 emily ann 3 weeks new york 320 emily ann 3 weeks new york 315

And then on our way out to the airport, we just had to take a photo of us girls and one of mama and baby!

sam joyce emily new york 2014 emily ann 3 weeks joyce new york 350

Miss Emily, oh how I miss you! I’ll start sobbing if I write too much to you here… but I will sure miss seeing you growing up in person. But I am so excited to come out and see you, and of course living vicariously through photos! With parents like yours, I can only imagine the selfless, carefree, and funny Godly woman you will grow up to be.

Forever and always yours, Aunt Sam



Baby Violet, Newborn Photography, Menifee


Oh this sweet baby girl! Born just before Christmas, her mama and I planned this little mini shoot and got together right in their backyard (gotta love So Cal in December). She wore homemade knitted beanies and booties and just kept flashing us those beautiful eyes of hers!

Enjoy these favorites of mine of sweet little Violet at 2 weeks old…

violet-2-weeks-0255 violet-2-weeks-0300 violet-2-weeks-0195 violet-2-weeks-0335-sepia violet-2-weeks-0354

Kali Ann, Anaheim Newborn Photography


Let me introduce y’all to little miss Kali Ann… even though she made her first debut on this blog in her aunt Amie’s giant wedding post while she was still nice and snug in her mama’s tummy—only weeks before she was born.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Amie’s new family—her husband’s giant family—over the last few years and they couldn’t be more full of love for each other. Miss Kali definitely has them all wrapped around her little fingers already… Aunt Amie even let her wear the bridal hair pin flower—that never made it in time for the wedding—for her photo shoot too! Plus, this sweet little miss has 2 big sisters that are just so happy and excited to love on their new little sister too. You can definitely feel the love when you’re with the whole family so it truly was an honor to photograph the newest addition to the bunch!

kali-one-week-newborn-anaheim-photography-DSC_0407-d kali-one-week-newborn-anaheim-photography-DSC_0308-d kali-one-week-newborn-anaheim-photography-DSC_0284-d kali-one-week-newborn-anaheim-photography-DSC_0237-desat kali-one-week-newborn-anaheim-photography-DSC_0183-d kali-one-week-newborn-anaheim-photography-DSC_0177-desat kali-one-week-newborn-anaheim-photography-DSC_0370-d kali-one-week-newborn-anaheim-photography-DSC_0160-d

Amelia’s 3 Month Portraits, Outdoor Newborn Photography, Lake Elsinore


Oh how this little babe loves to sleep!

When we took Miss Amelia’s photos at 1 week old, she wouldn’t wake up for anything… this time we got a few smiley awake moments but otherwise she really didn’t want us to interrupt her beauty sleep yet again!

At least she’s just as darling asleep as she is awake.

So without further ado… say hello to miss Amelia at 11 weeks old.




And finally she awoke with some adorable gummy grins before passing out again… after getting to spend a whole weekend with her in the beginning of September, I truly fell in love with this girl even more. She’s just such a happy baby with the cutest gummy grin that she puts her whole body into. Too cute, little love!


And back to sleep she goes…


And since her mama is a model, we just had to get a few shots of the sleeping babe snuggled up in her mama’s arms.




Looking forward to the 6 month photos… hopefully she’ll be awake and ready to strike a pose!

Amelia Celine, Newborn Photography and Birth Announcement, with her Mama Rachel


Miss Amelia made her debut a few weeks early, gracing us with her presence on June 8, just weeks after her baby shower.

Rachel and I wasted no time in getting together for photos exactly on her one week birthday.

The little princess did not want to show us her skin but I did manage to snap my favorite photo before we bundled her back up!


She just loved being close to her mama…

amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0819 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0778 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0714 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0770 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0687 amelia-menifee-newborn-photography_0826

Purple Chevron Birth Announcement

And we just finished Miss Amelia’s baby announcement—matching the colors to her outfit but the fonts to her shower invitation! With love, Hello, to you too Miss Amelia! I love you so much already!

purple-chevron-birth-announcement-0963 purple-chevron-birth-announcement_0969 purple-chevron-birth-announcement_0966

Parker, 2 weeks, Newborn Photography and Birth Announcement


See a couple of Parker’s photos at 2 days old here.

I cannot describe how much love I have for this growing group of friends I have been blessed with. Not only do Andy and I have some wonderful friends, but their children are just the sweetest and we love each and every one of them.

Our newest friend, Parker, is now almost 2 months old but it felt like it was just last night that we were at the hospital awaiting his arrival. So without any further ado let me introduce to you the newest member of the Ryan clan by giving you a glimpse into Parker’s 2 week old photos as well as his announcement that Kyrene and I collaborated on!

newborn-photography-parker_0318-bw newborn-photography-parker_0116 newborn-photography-parker_0078-bw newborn-photography-parker-0098-bw

Even big brother Hudson joined us for some photos outside—he’s already such a great big brother—always kissing and tickling his baby brother.

newborn-photography-parker_0162 newborn-photography-parker_0197 newborn-photography-parker_0219

Parker’s Birth Announcement

I loved the simplicity of his announcements and how the type came out along with the lovely linen texture of the card. And it makes a lovely addition to our fridge! 🙂

brothers-birth-announcement-parker-0410 brothers-birth-announcement-parker-_0416 brothers-birth-announcement-parker-_0418 brothers-birth-announcement-parker-_0420

P.S. The texture applied to the photos in his announcement is actually the same one we used on his parent’s Save the Date! I loved that little detail too!!