Kali Ann, Anaheim Newborn Photography


Let me introduce y’all to little miss Kali Ann… even though she made her first debut on this blog in her aunt Amie’s giant wedding post while she was still nice and snug in her mama’s tummy—only weeks before she was born.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know Amie’s new family—her husband’s giant family—over the last few years and they couldn’t be more full of love for each other. Miss Kali definitely has them all wrapped around her little fingers already… Aunt Amie even let her wear the bridal hair pin flower—that never made it in time for the wedding—for her photo shoot too! Plus, this sweet little miss has 2 big sisters that are just so happy and excited to love on their new little sister too. You can definitely feel the love when you’re with the whole family so it truly was an honor to photograph the newest addition to the bunch!

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