Friday Footnotes


1. Lettering Index

Feeling so very thankful to Brad Woodard for sharing this wonderful lettering resource! The Letter Index is a jackpot of letters and words in a variety of styles from script to logo to hand made. It’s just amazing. Quite often I’m asked to write out someone’s name and just my handwriting will be used for their logo. That’s quite a lot of pressure on my little pen and me, so this will be a hand resource to look up interesting and new ways of adding flourishes to make their letters a little more unique. I’m going to start pinning some right away! See my Handwriting, Lettering and Calligraphy board here.

2. The Hidden Sea

For another jaw dropping typo-centric piece, I’m loving Jon Contino‘s new type and illusration work for The Hidden Sea‚ it’s just gorgeous! I’m already a big fan of Jon Contino, especially his other nautical inspired designs, but this just blows them out of the water (pun intended)… And I just love how the flourishes emulate waves… I just keep staring wide eyed at the letterforms. I kinda want to get a bottle of the wine just to have it on display in my nautical themed office. 🙂 View more images here on The Dieline.

3. Oh Joy! at Target

I just love all these new Target collections by bloggers and designers I’ve been following for years—I posted about Dana Tanamachi’s collection a few months ago! Here’s a video and sneak peek of  Joy Cho’s party collection. So adorable!

4. Peek Calendar

I haven’t been a fan of the iPhone iOS 7 calendar ever since first installing it. It lost quite a lot of features that I loved, even though it added quite a few! So I was definitely smitten when I saw this new calendar app called Peek Calendar on swiss miss.

5. DIY Concrete Countertops

How amazing are these concrete counters?! I seriously love them! Cost effective and super duraple! Should I add more exclamations to emphasize how much I love them??! See more on A Beautiful Mess.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Texas Monthly, Jon Contino

I love when the different sections in life spill over into one another, in particular when the husband’s BBQ world collides with my design world. So when I saw this post by the wonderful letterer and design, Jon Contino, for Texas Monthly I just knew I had to share it with you all. From the saucy titles on the cover to the handdrawn map of southern BBQ—there’s truly some amazing work to see plus a video on the “painting with BBQ sauce” process. Check out more photos from the magazine on Jon’s site.

2. Starbucks Coffee Perfection

Can you even fathom the man hours to create such a promotion? Cutting all the smallest of pieces of paper, manipulating the characters on the screen in between each take, but the joy and gratification of seeing the final product must totally outweigh all of that! What a beautiful work of art! Here is the finished commercial, be sure to check out the behind the scenes work from Rogier Wieland on Design Work Life.

Starbucks Coffee Perfection from Rogier Wieland on Vimeo.

3. Easy, Tiger Cards

Another post from Design Work Life… a greeting card vending machine!

4. Zizzi

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the way they insert the Specials so inventive? I love it! Found via Art of the Menu.

5. American Presidential Wrestling

Maybe I would be more interested in politics if they truly did wrestle! Found via Vintage Me Oh My.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Creating the World of Oblivion

I know I’m not the only one who pays attention to the design details in movies, but I will be paying extra attention to these graphics in Oblivion (with Tom Cruise) now that I’ve seen this short behind the scenes flick—with the lead graphics animator, David “dlew” Lewandowski, and design director, Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz. Thanks Ismael Burciaga for sharing!

2. Process of a Product Photography Shoot

Another behind the scenes glimpse in this post about a product photography shoot. I am still grasping portrait photography, but product photography can be just as hard if not worse—I mean, how do you make a bottle of coffee concentrate speak your brand to your target audience? What an amazing process goes into these shoots, from the props to the lighting… Thanks V.K. Rees Photography for the glimpse into your process, via Yes and Yes.

3. How to Work with Creative People

This site was cracking me up while at the same time I just nodded along. Are us creatives really a breed of our own?

I think this is one of my favorites though:

“One of the worst things you can do to your creatives, artists, and designers is treat them like plumbers, mechanics, and janitors, held to the expectations of magicians, wizards, and geniuses.”
– Adam DeVarney, Artist

Read more here. Thanks to swissmiss for sharing!

4. Skillshare: Label Design

Oh man oh man, I really want to take this class with Lettering legend Jon Contino—whom I’ve featured a few times. Sign up for the class here! And get from Creature Comforts here.

5. Threadless features Monster’s Ince

While I may be super picky on what type of Disney “fan art” I like and don’t like, I do love so many submissions to this Threadless t-shirt design contest for Monster’s Inc, including the winner featured below. Congrats Patrick Seymour on winning!

Evernotes Every Friday

1. ESPN Music Issue

Amazing custom typography for ESPN music by Allan Peters… inspired by the grooves on vinyl records. Love the page layouts especially from the way the type was incorporated to Mikey Burton’s icons and to the use of the margins. See more images here.

2. Dave the Designer

I’ve been having fun exploring calligraphy but Dave the Designer really put the “pedal to the metal” and wrote all his 1,000 Twitter followers names in calligraphy. That is dedication. And they are all amazing and unique. Found via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

3.  Authentic Models

Last week’s post was pretty heavy on branding but these next three are all about office decor. Guys, gals, people of the Internet, I just love how my renovated home office is coming together. Thanks to one of Oh So Beautiful Paper’s NYIGF posts, I have discovered Authentic Models and oh how much do I love each and every single item they sell!


4. Mattson Creative Office

And just as I am wrapping up our office, Mattson Creativewho I love—just posted more images of his new collab office in Irvine. Those lights! That coffee table! The typography wall! Whaaat?!

5. Anchors Aweigh, Jon Contino

And one last office decor inspired post, just look at these nautical inspired Jon Contino pieces! I just love his work!

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Costco Rebrand

A group of students from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco created a complete redesign of the Costco brand: Kirkland. They also created another sub-brand called Ollie’s which would house the cafe and bakery items. Altogether they created  almost 80 – 100 fully comped items. Wow! Here’s just one item, Ollie’s Olive Oil. Each item is so detailed and well constructed! Very impressive! Found via thedieline.

2. Treasures

With so many of my friends having babies, I just fell in love with this diaper packaging! After you use all the diapers, the box can become your child’s new favorite toy! Shown here is a car, but there’s also a wagon and a house too! Found via thedieline.

3. Photo Wall with Picture Ledge

I’ve been looking for ideas on how to decorate our upstairs hallway wall — that you can see from downstairs right when you walk in the front door. And, well, this is just perfect. Found via Pinterest.


4. Ivan Bügel: Live Fast

I just adore the typography accompanying this illustration. Like love love love it! Designed and illustrated by Ivan Bügel, found via designworklife.

5. Jon Contino

I have seen his work before but I have never dived into it before. Allan Peters posted a blog about Jon Contino’s work, along with this interview, and I fell in love with the intricate lettering. His process includes researching different time periods of his pieces to figure out the exact amount of texture and grunge a piece will need. View his site here along with his clothing company, CXXVI.