Friday Footnotes


1. Vacation Momentos Photo

I love how Evie creates such gorgeous collages from various vacation momentos… This particular one is from a recent trip to Florida, and back in November she posted her first “nature collection” from South Carolina. It’s really a classy way to “save” all those treasures.

2. Wacom Website for the Intuos Creative Stylus

For Christmas, I got a Bamboo stylus for our iPad and I absolutely love it… This particular page shows a fancier pen than I have, but it still basically does the same thing. Anyway, I love the Wacom website—well I just love most websites that incorporate scrolling with all the content held within the one page. And I particularly like how they section off the site with contrasting black and white color backgrounds but how the stylus brings them all together by crossing sections.

Do you use a stylus? I’m still learning, but I sure do love it so far!

P.S. There’s still 3 more Footnotes… so please keep scrolling and check out the Wacom site while you do. 🙂

3. Newborn Photo with Stats

This birth announcement is so darling… they brought in the clock and ruler to show the delivery time and height! So creative… really this concept could have looked cheesy but with the vintage styling and the addition of Scrabble letters and whatnot, it really looks great! Thanks Jess for pinning! See the original post on Life Unexpected.

4. Light Up Marquee

After seeing the Junkyard Gypsy at the Vintage Marketplace, I’ve been trying to find a place in my home for a light up marquee… and while I still haven’t found a place, that doesn’t mean I don’t want one still. Of course I’m partuclarly drawn to making on of an ampersand. Of course, of course. Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for this DIY!

5. Gilded Picture Frames DIY

I’ve been loving the look of pewter or tarnished silver for my guest room, so I was particularly drawn to this DIY to create your own gilded picture frames. DIY found on Paint in my Hair.

Parker, 2 weeks, Newborn Photography and Birth Announcement


See a couple of Parker’s photos at 2 days old here.

I cannot describe how much love I have for this growing group of friends I have been blessed with. Not only do Andy and I have some wonderful friends, but their children are just the sweetest and we love each and every one of them.

Our newest friend, Parker, is now almost 2 months old but it felt like it was just last night that we were at the hospital awaiting his arrival. So without any further ado let me introduce to you the newest member of the Ryan clan by giving you a glimpse into Parker’s 2 week old photos as well as his announcement that Kyrene and I collaborated on!

newborn-photography-parker_0318-bw newborn-photography-parker_0116 newborn-photography-parker_0078-bw newborn-photography-parker-0098-bw

Even big brother Hudson joined us for some photos outside—he’s already such a great big brother—always kissing and tickling his baby brother.

newborn-photography-parker_0162 newborn-photography-parker_0197 newborn-photography-parker_0219

Parker’s Birth Announcement

I loved the simplicity of his announcements and how the type came out along with the lovely linen texture of the card. And it makes a lovely addition to our fridge! 🙂

brothers-birth-announcement-parker-0410 brothers-birth-announcement-parker-_0416 brothers-birth-announcement-parker-_0418 brothers-birth-announcement-parker-_0420

P.S. The texture applied to the photos in his announcement is actually the same one we used on his parent’s Save the Date! I loved that little detail too!!