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The owner of Events by the Cea and I first met when I snuck behind the scenes at Kara's wedding (link) to photograph some of the pieces I worked on. Shortly thereafter I emailed her asking if she had any styled wedding shoots in the works that I could collaborate on and luckily she was just starting to plan one for that fall! I was so thankful for my first opportunity to work on a styled shoot (a mock-wedding photoshoot for wedding vendors to collaborate on to showcase their talents). And because it was local to me, I was able to attend the shoot too! The creative energy at the shoot was tangible! I soaked it all up and learned so much watching Christina and her team work their magic on decorating tablescapes, interiors, and floral installations. But now let me step aside and allow the photos to speak for themsleves, all taken by Harper & Grace Photography:       As published on The Every Last Detail and The Perfect Palette! v e n d o r s : Planning & Design: Events by the Cea // Photographer: Rachel Matonis of Harper & Grace Photography // Dress Designer: Shop Blush Elegance // Hair + Makeup: Navany Macias

Just wanted to pop in on this lovely Valentine's Day and share some of my favorite photos from this styled shoot I got to collaborate on last month! Katie Hammond gathered quite the team of vendors, models and even a horse to all come together for such a gorgeous set up! My favorite part would be the reception table surrounded by the draped white linens making a nice secluded and romantic area for dinner, however the ceremony floral circle backdrop would be a close second! This was my first styled shoot that I've participated in with multiple photographers. It's so amazing to see everyone's different perspectives of the same subject! Between the different angles and the post editing, each photographer created such unique pieces of art, moments captured in time forever

When I opened my shop 5 years ago today, NEVER EVER would I have guessed this day would come. But it surely has and I am ever so thankful! This started as an Instagram post but after writing out this novel of thankfulness, I knew I needed to move it to a blog post! I never would have been able to imagine reaching 10,000 orders on Etsy and I never would have been able to without some help

In writing out that blog post title, in writing out "5 Years," I am amazed at how much has happened in that time. Looking back to where I was 5 years ago, the night I opened my shop, I was working at a graphic design firm full time out of the house with a daily 90 minute commute each way. It was my dream job though so it was totally worth it. I opened my shop with just some printable invitations that I had already designed for friends. My plan was to not have to deal with shipping anything! (oh my, how that has changed!). And then it took a month to even make that first $10 sale. Later this same year, my best friend was getting married in the fall and as I had started to dabble in handlettering, she graciously let me write out her Save the Dates and address stamp. After which I added the address stamp to my shop

This year, I have chosen the word "focus" to be my "one little word" for the new year! And here's 3 reasons why: O N E .Improve the process. Over the past few months, I have constantly had to remind myself of this to the point it has become my mantra! I'm always whispering it to myself as the many distractions in this world split my focus. While I am really good at focusing on working and not getting distracted by social media, it's the many projects that I am working on that I keep getting distracted by. So rather than plowing through a project to completion, I work a little here and a little there and then inspiration strikes on a completely other project and I start to dabble there. By the end of the day, I look back and see that not one thing can be checked off the list but the list has actually grown. Ugh. To fix this, I will be reworking my day to day processes. Implement a schedule with daily routines, like taking care of the business side on Tuesdays, painting on Wednesdays, photographing those paintings on Thursdays, new listings on Fridays, etc. This will help to

2017 has ended and while I am still coming to grasps with that, I didn't want another day to flash by without sharing photos of my friend Kara's gorgeous summer wedding! To start of course, we need to take a look at the gray lace invitation with their watercolor brush calligraphy envelopes! Kara wanted simplicity in her invitations so we kept the design simple but with an intricate lace design in the corners in a pale gray for low contrast. The wedding ceremony was held outside of the Eagle's Nest Clubhouse. It was truly one of the most gorgeous ceremonies I have ever attended

After Lauren's beautiful baby shower in May, I was in a party planning slump which meant I ended up putting off planning Isaiah's birthday party until the absolute last minute! The whole party pulled together only the week of the event, except for the invite of course. I took some photos in my office of my favorite decorations before the party just in case something happened to them on the day of. I got a little caught up in them and they probably don't really go for a first birthday but I love them nonetheless. But first, I want to share the invite with you! It was so fun to work with such bright paint colors! And make the simple ocean illustrations all fit together like a big puzzle! And of course I had to paint up some Thank You cards to match! However, that did make me end up sending them months late! Just like this blog post, I'm always late nowadays! :P While searching for Under the Sea birthday party ideas, I came across this saying about the ocean and loved it so much, I knew it needed to be on display at the party! I also came across these amazing glass bottles

I'm not really sure how we got here. The double digit months? Where did this year go? I thought I was soaking up every ounce of baby that I could but yet this stage is nearing the end and I keep finding myself at grasping at the moments as they slip by ever so quickly. I want to remember his chubby little thighs and his gummy smile, the way he is always searching for a hand to help him walk, the way his eyes light up when he sees someone he loves, the way that only I can calm him down in the middle of the night. Pretty soon, he won't feel like he needs me anymore. Not like this anyway. Pretty soon, he won't want to sit in my lap while he plays with his toys or need me to hold his hands while he walks and walks and walks. It's such a struggle, such a fine line, between wanting to indulge his need for attention and encouraging him to do it on his own. I want him to need me sometimes just as much as I might need some space. But soon, I will have too much space

Wow! This was a big month for our little babe! Isaiah is officially on the MOVE! After months of only being mobile by walking with our support, Isaiah [finally] can roll over from his back AND is scooting away away away! Of course, his favorite activity is still to walk around with our help. He loves being held but only if you are showing him something fun! Other favorite Isaiah tricks: reaches for you to pick him up, shakes his head no—but for no reason, and he looks up at the ceiling when you ask "where's the fan?" He also will sometimes talk back to you in conversation, but the timing has to be just right. He likes to explore everything, if you give him a bigger toy, he'll most likely flip it over and examine the backside and bottom of it rather than play with it like it's intended for. He just loves to explore anything and everything. I think we're going to be in real trouble when he really does start walking! All of these things bring such a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. All Isaiah really has to do is blink and I fall more in