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Your New Friend Sam Hits 10,000 Sale Mark!

Sam Allen Creates - Etsy Shop 10K Sales

When I opened my shop 5 years ago today, NEVER EVER would I have guessed this day would come. But it surely has and I am ever so thankful!

This started as an Instagram post but after writing out this novel of thankfulness, I knew I needed to move it to a blog post!

I never would have been able to imagine reaching 10,000 orders on Etsy and I never would have been able to without some help… I’m ever so thankful for the constant support I have and without each and every one of you, Your New Friend Sam would have fizzled out years ago. Today, I’m reflecting on all those who made this dream possible, I’m really ever so thankful for:

  • my customers of course! Some of whom I have since become friends with as we follow each other’s journeys on Instagram
  • my hubby and family: to get to 10,000 orders means putting in at least 10,000 hours of work and more and I certainly wouldn’t be able to do that without help! Our parents all take turns watching our babe to let this dream become a reality and for that I can not be more thankful.
  • my friends: there are a special few who I like to bounce ideas off and their help is always so encouraging and motivating in helping me keep the creative juices flowing!
  • my Heavenly Father: He has graced me beyond measure with the skills to keep this going. Only He knew the bigger picture and I never would have guessed what He had in store for this humble shop. I heard these lyrics at church not too long ago and they really hit home: “Take these hands / I know they’re empty / But with You they can” This is SO true!

Thank you for following my journey here on this blog… as a giant THANK YOU to celebrate, head over to my Instagram as the giveaway for my shop’s anniversary continues:

Etsy shop link:

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!

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