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Ten Month Old Isaiah

I’m not really sure how we got here. The double digit months? Where did this year go? I thought I was soaking up every ounce of baby that I could but yet this stage is nearing the end and I keep finding myself at grasping at the moments as they slip by ever so quickly. I want to remember his chubby little thighs and his gummy smile, the way he is always searching for a hand to help him walk, the way his eyes light up when he sees someone he loves, the way that only I can calm him down in the middle of the night. Pretty soon, he won’t feel like he needs me anymore. Not like this anyway. Pretty soon, he won’t want to sit in my lap while he plays with his toys or need me to hold his hands while he walks and walks and walks. It’s such a struggle, such a fine line, between wanting to indulge his need for attention and encouraging him to do it on his own. I want him to need me sometimes just as much as I might need some space. But soon, I will have too much space so I keep reminding myself to keep him close while I can.

This past month, this kid’s personality just blossomed. This scrunchy cheese ball face emerged in an attempt to keep us smiling and laughing. It couldn’t have come at a better time either as my husband’s grandfather passed away and we found ourselves on a whirlwind trip to South Dakota for the funeral. Surrounded by family, during such a sad time, I saw my baby lift so many spirits with his scrunchy nose face. He went to everyone who wanted to hold him, he gave them smiles and gave them joy. I am ever so proud to be his mama.


He still just loves for us to hold his hands and let him walk, and walk, and walk. And he’ll pull himself to standing whenever he gets a chance. He still is a little scooter when he’s crawling, not lifting that cute little belly off the ground for very long. One of his favorite pastimes is making a blanket fort with his grandpa. It becomes one big tunnel that he loves to crawl though.

I just love getting to know him and seeing this little baby of mine grow into a little person. I am so excited to see where he goes in life, what his hopes and dreams will be, and who he becomes. I just pray that Andy and I are Godly examples to him in every walk of life and that one day he follows in that same path, getting to know our Lord and trusting in Him too. Being his mama has truly opened my eyes to how God loves us, in such an unconditional, unrelenting way. It truly is an amazing gift.

**Outdoor bubble bath photos by Jessica Rose Lifestyle Photography**


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