Baby Isaiah’s Newborn & Nursery Photos, and Birth Announcement

Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7847

I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to have these photos done… I just can’t believe these are of MY baby. And they are just so darn cute. I love them all so much!

My friend Jess came over when Isaiah was 6 days old to take these in his nursery. We were in the process of moving and thankfully were able to have his very first room documented like this. To say we love the photos would really be an understatement, but what has also been tugging on my heart is the love from behind the camera. Coming from experience as an auntie/photographer, seeing how Jess saw my son through her lens and having it captured on “film” is just so special to me. You can read her own blog post on the photos here.

Maybe you all can help me pick which ones to frame because I really just can’t decide!

And please stay tuned to the end of the post where I’ve shared the birth announcement photos!

Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7634

The white blanket Isaiah is laying on here was knit by my grandmother… I love that little detail! (Rug is from Target)

Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7650Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7692

Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7806Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7812Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7855

I mean come on! Look at those lips!

Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7835Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7839

We’ve been calling him Monkey Toes since the hospital… as he rested propped up on my legs in bed, he grabbed my bottom lip with those toes. It’s hard to tell here how long those little toesies are when fully extended!

Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7790Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7909Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7890Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7968Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7988Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7916

2 days after these photos were taken, we moved! His room was the last to pack up in hopes that we would bring him home to his first nursery rather than the new house. Thankfully, we had one very sweet week with him in our first home.

Newborn Photography Isaiah allen-7767

I looooooved his nursery! It was and still is my favorite room in either house! Even though it is highly unfit for a child right now with some of the decorations… those will be removed in time though! Childproofing comes later right?

The crib and changing table are from Babies R Us. The crates (from Michaels) and the lumber for the wall (Lowe’s) were purchased as raw wood and then stained by my hubby and in laws before installing in the room. That wonderful mirror we stumbled across at Hobbly Lobby. How perfect is that?!

Nautical Nursery-8090Nautical Nursery-8081

The very next morning after finding out we were having a boy, we started pinning ideas for his nursery. My main focus was collecting art for a gallery wall. I was so excited to purchase art from some of my favorite artists that I’ve been following for years!

The two top prints on the left are from Handlettering Co. The “Skillful Sailor” print was actually purchased last summer in Montana! We had no place for it at all but loved it so much. Little did we know that less than a year later it would be the centerpiece for our baby’s nursery!

The far right print is from This Paper Ship. The far left map was purchased as a plain wood hanging from Michael’s and then I handpainted the map on it in gold leaf paint. The small knick knacks are from Hobby Lobby… Captain Hook and Neverland map prints are both from Etsy! Whew!

Nautical Nursery-8075Nautical Nursery-8084Nautical Nursery 8074

Thank you Auntie Jess for all these photos and memories! We love you so much!

For Isaiah’s birth announcement, I really had NO idea how to get started designing it. There was a lot of pressure on me too (from myself) after having designed so many other birth announcements. I of course wanted to handletter on it, but with my writing being so girly, I found some smaller ways to add it without making it too feminine. Plus I hand-addressed all the envelopes so that was added fun! I really love how it came out, from the photos to the small design details. Like the compass and arrows on the back and the diamond shaped pattern that I traced from the rug in his room. I just love how it came out and I hope you do too!

Isaiahs Birth Announcement SuiteIsaiahs Birth Announcement Suite 2Isaiahs Birth Announcement FrontIsaiahs Birth Announcement Details 2

Notice the pattern on the far right side…? That’s traced from the rug in his nursery 🙂

Isaiahs Birth Announcement Details 1

Isaiahs Birth Announcement Envelope Addressing

I SO enjoyed addressing all the envelopes to mail these out. It was my creative outlet during nap times 🙂

And I loved getting to design my very own address stamp after crafting nearly a hundred for others through my shop. I went for a fully handwritten and whimsical design. Hopefully the post office can read it for any returned mail!

Isaiahs Birth Announcement Address StampIsaiahs Birth Announcement Address Stamp 2

The end!! This really could have been split into 3 separate posts but who has time for that!?

Luellen and Walkenhorst Family Portraits, Montana Reunion Photography

Hi there! As I recover from that crazy road trip of ours, I thought I’d share some photos from our family reunion this past summer…. my dad’s brother in law just turned the big 7-0! So that side of the family had me take some photos of the generations as a gift for grandpa Jim!

These were all taken around the yard of our rental house just outside Glacier National Park! It was truly a gorgeous place with an unbelievable view!

From left to right we have the Walkenhorst family with my cousin Katie, then my dad’s sister Diane and my uncle Jim, and then the rest of the Luellen’s with my cousin Tom…

Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 120

Grandpa with son and son-in-law…

Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 952

And Grandpa Jim with Grandson Jake…

Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 990

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids.

Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 068

Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 028

Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 240 Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 172

Here’s my cousin Tom and his family who were our gracious hosts in Missouri last month!

Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 211

Later that week we took some more photos but of just the Walkenhorst side…

Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 748 Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 726 Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 723 Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 872 Sam Allen Creates - Montana Family Portraits - 928

And that wraps up our family photos from the trip… so fun! Next up, my cousin Jake’s senior photos!

Pankratz Family: Hudson’s Being Promoted to Big Brother!

Hudson 7 Months Nakie 285

Oh man, this kid cracks me up. His joy and unceasing happiness is contagious.

All of his expressions had me laughing out loud as I edited his photos so I just had to put together this little animation to document all the little moments in between.

Hudson 7 Month Animation

See, now don’t you love him too? 🙂

A small reason I got to take his pictures this day was just because I hadn’t been able to get him in front of my camera in such a very long time. But the second reason, the biggest reason, was to make this announcement to the world….!

Hudson Big Brother announcement 5x7

But as a bonus to the announcement of Hudson being promoted to big brother, we just had to document this adorable chunky stage of his life. Thanks little guy was letting your mommy and me dress you down, make you lay in grass, and even stick you in a crate. You gave us some funny faces, looks of confusion, but you were a great sport. And you better get used to this craziness!

Hudson 7 Months 507 Hudson 7 Months Nakie Hudson 7 Months Nakie crate 444 Hudson 7 Months Nakie crate 486 Hudson 7 Months Nakie crate 497

Oh, Hudson… I’ll eat you up, I love you so!

With all my love, your crazy Auntie Sammi xoxo

Jeannette’s Newborn Photos, Family Photography

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 574

It’s always amazing to see friends you’ve known for forever become parents. Brittany and I have known each other since we were seven years old and little Brownie Girl Scouts! She met the love of her life just after Andy and I got married in 2007… and if you have been following my blog for a few years now, I took their engagement photos and posted about Brittany’s wedding and just recently, her “Bebe Soiree,” French themed baby shower.

And now, here is their little bundle of joy, their princess, Jeannette Marie! She was so itty bitty during her newborn photoshoot at only 6 days old. What a little love. I miss her so!

Hope you enjoy some of these darling photos of the little miss!

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 630 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 624 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 638

Baby Jeannette was resting peacefully during her photos, the below photo shows her in her bassinet that used to be her grandpa Mike’s when he was a baby! What an heirloom!

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 665 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 710 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 819 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 811

Baby Jeannette is her daddy’s little twin. So precious.

Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 750 Jeannette Newborn Photography Dana Point 714

DJ’s Senior Photos, Murrieta Photography, and Graduation Announcement

DJ Senior Photography Murrieta - Sam Allen Creates 151

Let me introduce to you the cousin of one of our very best friend’s… this is DJ, a senior who graduated this past June in Southern California. We ventured around Old Town Murrieta for our little mini session, capturing photos to remember this very special time.

DJ Senior Photography Murrieta - Sam Allen Creates 164 DJ Senior Photography Murrieta - Sam Allen Creates 182 DJ Senior Photography Murrieta - Sam Allen Creates 187 DJ Senior Photography Murrieta - Sam Allen Creates 206 DJ Senior Photography Murrieta - Sam Allen Creates 255

And I even got to design the announcement!!

DJs Senior Graduation Announcement by Sam Allen Creates

Thank you DJ for being such a great sport with your mom and me! And congrats on graduating! So exciting!

A Johnson Family Christmas, Cleveland National Forest

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 075

As I looked back on last year’s Johnson family photos, I laughed that I had noted that posting in February was late. Well now it’s almost May and I am just now sharing some of my favorites from this session with them from this past Christmas. I discovered these lovely locations with Reed and Hedder just weeks before I met with the Johnsons and just knew I had to go back as soon as possible.

Hope you enjoy these photos of one of my favorite families in the whole wide world in my favorite field ever!


We must start with the youngest star of the family, in all her dimple grin adorableness!

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 Amelia 729

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 098

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 Kim 882


I can’t even fathom how many photos I have of this lovely lady… thousands and thousands, I’m sure!

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 088

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 984

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 Sarah 940 Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 Sarah 955

Ugh, I love her.

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 026 Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 021

The brother…

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 Michael 784

And the sisters…

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 077

And we can close with a photo of all the ladies…

Johnson Family Christmas Photos 2014 963

Baby Hudson’s Newborn Photos

Hudson Ryan Hospital 43 bw

Well now that this little guy is over 3 months old, I guess its time to post his newborn photos that we shot back in December. Goodness, I am so behind in life….

Let me introduce to you the newest little fella to my family of friends (I swear, I have the cutest collection of nephews in the whole wide world!!)…

Hudson Ryan Pankratz was born the weekend before Christmas. We all waited patiently, checking our phones constantly, to hear when this little love had arrived. And we all jumped from our chairs when Grandma Kelly came running back from the delivery room with Hudson’s first photos. And then we all fell in love.

I’m so proud of my best friend! I will never forget that wonderful night…

Hudson Ryan Hospital 40


He still sleeps just like this with his arms out flashing those macho biceps.




Hudson Ryan Hospital 45

A few days later, Andy and I drove up to visit and take some more photos of him for his birth announcement.

Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 80 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 71 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 39 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 43 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 02 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 37 Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 57

Told you it’s been awhile….

Hudson Ryan Newborn Photography 30 Santa Hat

Even more proof that I am quite behind… here’s little Hudson this past weekend at his Auntie Brittany’s birthday. Love that little grin!

Hudson Ryan 3 Months 9039

Oh Hudson, your Auntie Sam loves you more than you will ever know. Thanks for blessing us so much and being such a joy to your mommy and daddy. Looking forward to our big trip to New York later this month. Prepare for 4 months worth of cuddles jammed into one single week. Love you forever and always.

Hudson Ryan Hospital 60