Pankratz Family: Hudson’s Being Promoted to Big Brother!

Hudson 7 Months Nakie 285

Oh man, this kid cracks me up. His joy and unceasing happiness is contagious.

All of his expressions had me laughing out loud as I edited his photos so I just had to put together this little animation to document all the little moments in between.

Hudson 7 Month Animation

See, now don’t you love him too? 🙂

A small reason I got to take his pictures this day was just because I hadn’t been able to get him in front of my camera in such a very long time. But the second reason, the biggest reason, was to make this announcement to the world….!

Hudson Big Brother announcement 5x7

But as a bonus to the announcement of Hudson being promoted to big brother, we just had to document this adorable chunky stage of his life. Thanks little guy was letting your mommy and me dress you down, make you lay in grass, and even stick you in a crate. You gave us some funny faces, looks of confusion, but you were a great sport. And you better get used to this craziness!

Hudson 7 Months 507 Hudson 7 Months Nakie Hudson 7 Months Nakie crate 444 Hudson 7 Months Nakie crate 486 Hudson 7 Months Nakie crate 497

Oh, Hudson… I’ll eat you up, I love you so!

With all my love, your crazy Auntie Sammi xoxo

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