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Have you ever heard of Evernote? It's a web/desktop/iPhone application that syncs your saved images and text across to all your computers and phones. Basically, it's my best friend at work. I also mentioned it before in this post about my design process. Anyway, I wanted to start a series each week that will showcase my top 5 images that I saved to Evernote that week, giving all my thousands (haha) of readers some access to some premium design eye candy without having to scavenge the interwebs to find it. You'll find that I have a very diverse taste and I gather images for many different design projects at once, from a photoshop heavy photo collage to a nontraditional vintage inspired wedding invitation to a detailed illustration of an elephant to a diy project that I will most likely never accomplish. I hope you enjoy this new series as I share from my over 700 and growing Evernote notes. And without further ado, here's week one, in no particular order: 1. Justin Mezell's Into the Wild Layout Design While looking for inspiration for a cover collage I was designing, I found this on Graphic Exchange. I love the contrast and the random objects

For the last month or two I have been saving each Christmas design goodie I find for later inspiration for our Christmas card. I had planned to spend a few nights this past week working on and get it printed at Staples on Thursday (could I procrastinate any longer?). But then Andy and I decided to get them printed through his work so I had 2 hours to get our card done, leaving a lot of design elements out that I wanted but my favorite part is the golden yellow background with the flour delis. And what would a Christmas card be without a photo? Ours was taken by Lindsey Daigle at Red Leaf Photography, thanks Linds! We only ordered a limited amount so here's a digital copy for everyone! Merry Christmas!!  

All the cousins on my dad's side of the family are *much* older than me (haha to any of you who may read this) and so I have never been able to go to any of their weddings, but this next summer I finally get to be there for a family wedding! I am just so excited to be there as my cousin Katie gets married in Colorado! And I am just as excited that she asked me to design her save the dates and wedding invitations. Here's just a taste of what's to come, just a few details from her save the date. They want rustic-simple-elegance with a tone of the Colorado Rockies

I first found the design work of Ty Mattson at the beginning of the last season of Lost when he designed posters for his own personal season 6 premiere party. As a fan of the show I thought the posters were pretty rad and have continued to follow Mattson's blog ever since. His whole portfolio is immaculate down to the tiniest detail. Plus, his studio is in an old lima bean processing warehouse in Irvine. This first series of posters was then picked up by ABC!! And sold on their website to the whole world. How amazingly cool is that! His own personal invites to his own personal party were made into ABC merchandise. Lesson Number 1: Design everything you can with 100% effort no matter how small of a design job it is or if it is just for the fun of it. Then Mattson outdoes himself with creating a poster each week for the Lost series final season. He used stark and simple illustrations again but this time all were created as a white illustration on a black background. And those also made it into the ABC online store. Continuing for Lesson Number 1, Mattson made his son, Shepard's birth announcement earlier this

When Shane proposed to Kyrene earlier this year, the very next day Kyrene asked me to design their invitations and I was thrilled for the opportunity! These two are so genuine, so generous, and truly meant 2 bee! They embrace everyone with the biggest hugs they can muster and have a love for one another that is contagious! Kyrene's father is a beekeeper, but Kyrene was nervous to incorporate bees as it may be cheesy, but I promised it wouldn't be! With the theme of a little bit of bees and rustic elegance, we went to work. Starting with their save the date and then incporporating the little love bees across the invitation set. They had received an invitation kit to use so I had a blank canvas to work with. The paper was embossed so each page was individually cut out to accommodate a flood of color! I created a pattern for the background to resemble honeycomb but used a more curved shape pattern. After printing, each one was then tied with a tea-stained piece sheeting material to enhance the rustic feel and then backed with a solid chocolate brown card stock. Hope you like them! I just love them! It's my

Everyone knows I love Disneyland. It's a fact, not an opinion. My friend Sam Branson, who just had her first baby girl (congrats, again!!) calls me Disneyland Sam. I know every nook and every cranny of that place, except the backstage. I like to say that I don't care about seeing the backstage because that would 'ruin the magic,' but that would be a lie. People ask how I can go to Disneyland so many times and still want to go again. To mass-answer that question