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October 2010

I first found the design work of Ty Mattson at the beginning of the last season of Lost when he designed posters for his own personal season 6 premiere party. As a fan of the show I thought the posters were pretty rad and have continued to follow Mattson's blog ever since. His whole portfolio is immaculate down to the tiniest detail. Plus, his studio is in an old lima bean processing warehouse in Irvine. This first series of posters was then picked up by ABC!! And sold on their website to the whole world. How amazingly cool is that! His own personal invites to his own personal party were made into ABC merchandise. Lesson Number 1: Design everything you can with 100% effort no matter how small of a design job it is or if it is just for the fun of it. Then Mattson outdoes himself with creating a poster each week for the Lost series final season. He used stark and simple illustrations again but this time all were created as a white illustration on a black background. And those also made it into the ABC online store. Continuing for Lesson Number 1, Mattson made his son, Shepard's birth announcement earlier this