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March 2013

Last night I mentioned that I have been quite a busy worker bee. Working a full time job leads to late nights working on freelance projects. Which then leads to no time to get an Evernotes Every post together. So this edition is going to be a little different and maybe something I can start doing once every few months (??). Today I am giving a glimpse into a few different projects that I have been brewing. I'd love to know if you like this kind of post, let me know if you like in the comments. 1. Soccer Camp Two weeks ago I worked on a graphic for the coach's t-shirts for an upcoming soccer camp at my church

This past weekend I went to Club 33 at Disneyland. I am still amazed by this fact. The rest of the week has included a TON of design projects which means long long days at the computer but my checklist is getting shorter and I haven't added anything new so that's a good thing! I have a pretty open weekend so I am planning on getting even more checked off—that is just such a great feeling! If you want to join in on the Photo A Day fun the list for March is below. 1/L is for, 2/I made this!, 3/key, 4/lucky, 5/under, 6/chair, 7/fear Join in on the fun in March, check out the Fat Mum Slim blog to get the list and Chantelle even gives some photo ideas for each day.

My mind is still reeling and taking in our lunch at Club 33. I can now say I have been there, dined there, and even photographed the Club 33 toilet. I have been to Club 33. I still can't believe it. A dream come true, a wish that I have hoped for for eight years. Growing up I was always a Disney fan, of the park and the animated films. But when I really got hooked was eight years ago when I first learned of Hidden Mickeys. The first hidden Mickey I was ever shown is on Pirates of the Caribbean and learning about these various secrets of the parks, led me to look into more and more and more. Above all, Disneyland is my favorite Disney creation. And Club 33 is the exclusive, elusive, and most secretive part of this magical place. Luckily, my husband and my friend Lindsey joined me in my quest of learning all things Disneyland. Lindsey and I walked around with a Hidden Mickey book and toured the park like a scavenger hunt trying to uncover every single secret the Imagineers left to us. And since then, we have wished to go to Club 33. Dreamed of. Hoped for.