Allens Head North: Pike’s Place, Seattle

If you were to ask me what my favorite part of our Washington trip was, I would have to say that I just loved spending time with my husband. Sadly, time together has become a rare occasion this year. Our trip allowed us to reconnect because it was simply just the two of us traveling around, in one of our favorite places, during our favorite time of the year.

Another great thing about our trip was that while staying in the city of Seattle, our hotel was a mere block up from Pike’s Place, the public [farmer’s] market. Andy and I lost count how many times we actually made our way down there whether it was for breakfast (best donuts ever!), lunch (sandwiches from the Italian deli!!), or dinner (tamales from the Mexican grocer!!!). Oh and for fruit (mmmm best honeycrisp apples everrrrr!)!!! And of course, just visiting the various shops. We were able to just take our time and meander through the whole market, which I had never done since there’s usually never time for it.

Pike’s Place is quite the tourist center, but all the shops are built by the locals so there’s a great combination of cultures, i.e. great people watching time!!

Alright alright, now onto the photos. 🙂

We bought the black and white print for our stairwell gallery wall back home!

Oh, these donuts. How I love thee…. I don’t usually like the cake type donuts but these are my only exception to that rule. May I recommend the maple frosted one… with bacon. 🙂

And finally, more photographic proof that we were together (for Jess)!

Next updates: Gas Works Park and Spooner Farms’ corn maze!

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