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Evernotes Every Friday

1. Jacqueline Fleury’s Business Cards

Even though these business cards, designed by Sylvain Toulouse, use a pink and brown color scheme, they aren’t too girly. Not only do I love the riff off the trendy X shaped emblem, I love the subtle typography in the background behind the contact information giving it some depth. Found via Looks Like Good Design.

2. Flixel

Remember way back, when I posted The Girl with the Bow Dress? Well let me introduce you to a new app Flixel that will let you make small animations out of your own photographs. Seriously neat stuff. I downloaded it at home and couldn’t find anything that was moving so I just turned my kitchen sink on and filmed the water pooling in a dish. Found via designworklife’s link to Fast Co Designs’s article.

3. Catia and Rui’s Wedding Invitation

The art of wedding invitations… what a range of creativity! Found via For Print Only.

4. Visual Notes

I love seeing people’s notes… or in this case a more visual version of note taking. Found via swissmiss.

5. Nike’s Timeline on Facebook

While I have seen quite a few complaints on the new Timeline features on Facebook, I personally really love it. Personal customization in a confined space. But I really love to see the cover photo interact with the profile photo. There’s been some pretty creative ones, but in Urban Influence’s roundup, I particularly like Nike’s. Have you seen any cool cover photos?

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