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Evernotes Every Friday

1. Anthropologie’s Magazine

For all you Anthropologie fans out there, have you seen their online magazine? I love how “magazine-like” their blog has been designed down to the “next story” (rather than post) buttons and pull quotes. Found via Facebook.

2. Everplaces App

Everplaces may just be another app to log places you’ve been but the interface design makes me want to try it out! You can log favorite restaurants and other places you’ve been, making note with photos and suggestions on what to do there. Then follow others to get their tips and suggestions… I haven’t used it much yet, but let me know if you get the app too! Found via designworklife.

3. Space Bar

Not only does this simple, yet handy, invention blend in with our Mac computers, it adds storage space and gives more USB ports! Want it! Found via swissmiss.

4. Palomino Restaurant

Just like last week, here’s another menu with beautiful typography using bold numbers to create a visual hierarchy. And this is only one of the several menus Super Big Creative designed for not only Palomino, but also check out their work for Macaroni Grill. Found via Graphic-Exchange.

5. Sephora and Pantone Universe

I love seeing industries work together… not that Pantone is only a tool graphic designers use, obviously. Enjoy the short video… Found via swissmiss.

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