A Year Spent at the Happiest Place on Earth

Ever since I met Andy I have had a Disneyland pass. And for one week in January I was pass-less! Last Friday I renewed my annual pass, giving me my chance at a seventh year at Disneyland. And it hasn’t got old. Each trip is another exciting adventure. This year was definitely different as Andy started his BBQ business up he had much much less time to spend with me at the park, but thankfully my friend Rachel bought a pass and kept me company all year at Disneyland! I went 16 times over the course of the year and I wanted to share a photo with you from each trip! Here’s to another great year with the Mouse!

January 22

A rainy day at Disneyland is the best time to go… no waits! A great way to kick off a new year!

Rainy day at Disneyland

January 24

A Sunday trip to the park with lots and lots of people (Chapins, Wagoners ;), soon to be Cruz couple) and somehow this was the best picture from the day, haha!

Midway Mania

February 17

A photo taken for my best friend Joyce… she loves Mike W!

Joyce's Mike W!

March 16

A trip with Rachel and later Amie…

Pooh and Tigger

May 14

Got to spend a whole day at the park while Brook and the family were out from Utah!!

Brook and Kids

May 23

A late lunch in Downtown Disney and the Jazz Kitchen for my mom’s graduation and then a quick trip in the park to see Captain EO.

June 8

Thanks to Alisa, we got to watch the premiere of World of Color!

Premiere of World of Color

June 13

Girls trip to Disneyland!

With the Girls

September 24

My last trip to Disneyland with Andy for awhile… 🙁

POC with Andy

September 26

A surprise birthday trip for Kim, one of my favorite trips ever!

The Johnson Girls

October 10

The first trip in over a year for Eli and it was a blast to see him watch his favorite Pixar characters in the Pixar Play Parade!

Eli at the Pixar Play Parade

November 8

Got to join up with Amber + Nicole and met Rapunzel and Finn!

With Rapunzel and Finn

November 22

A girls night out during a very busy Thanksgiving week… also the first time ever getting in trouble by stealing an employee elevator!

Girls at Christmas

December 16

After a full year of waiting and wishing, Rachel finally got to meet Belle!

Rachel and Belle

January 9

Another trip where we all fight over our favorite little guy! Obviously I won!

Jess, Sam, Eli, n Kat

January 19

Eli helped his mommy Jamie put on her 3D glasses and he put on his own, ready to ride Toy Story Midway Mania!

Jamie n Eli, Toy Story Midway Mania

And as an added bonus, here’s a photo from the first trip of the new pass:

New Pass!

14 thoughts on “A Year Spent at the Happiest Place on Earth

  1. Rachel says:

    First off I have to say that you did a wonderful job putting this together, it was so adorable && it was great to reflect on an Disneyland FunFilled year!!!
    I’m so thankful that my first Disneyland experience was with you (because Disneyland without Sam just isn’t the same) && that I got a pass ! I’m grateful for every time that you pick me up, take me, invite me, etc because without you I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy&&experience the joys of having a pass. I have so much fun every time we go; I meet someone new ( and all your friends are so sweet and I’m so pleased that God has graced your life with such beautiful people), I learn something new, and I grow in my friendship with you. Sam, I consider you to be one of the closest, most important people in my life, your such a gracious woman with a big heart and I aspire to have a heart like yours for God. Thank you so much for everything, it might have been just a Disneyland pass but all the pictures,memories,friendship and laughter will forever last, you don’t even realize how much you have impacted my life. Thank you just doesn’t even seem to be enough, but thank you(:
    i love you.

    • Sam says:

      This may be the best comment on any blog ever ever ever. I love you toooo Rachel! Thanks for making me cry so early in the morning too! Happy tears are always good though!

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