Roxy and Raymond, Malibu Beach Maternity Photos

roxy malibu maternity photography 9473

I didn’t meet Roxy and Raymond in person until the day of the shoot, but instantly, they felt like friends. And they’re relationship was just so sweet to watch… Roxy has such a joy within her, a happiness that’s contagious—Raymond truly loves her so much and you can see it in the way he talks with her and admires her.

Their little boy is due in October and we’re already planning the newborn shoot! I can not wait! But until then, enjoy these sweet moments from a Sunday evening sunset on the Malibu coast.

roxy malibu maternity photography 809 roxy malibu maternity photography 819


Roxy loved her white flowy dress for the photos, she couldn’t help but play with that light gauzy material, and as her photographer, I was so happy too! It made for some dreamy captures!


roxy malibu maternity photography 894 roxy malibu maternity photography 914 roxy malibu maternity photography 975 roxy malibu maternity photography 989 roxy malibu maternity photography 9018 roxy malibu maternity photography 9233roxy malibu maternity photography 958 roxy malibu maternity photography 9128  roxy malibu maternity photography 9136

Then just as the sun set behind the cliffs, Roxy changed into a second outfit for their last few photos.

roxy malibu maternity photography 9380 roxy malibu maternity photography 9365 roxy malibu maternity photography 9453

Roxy and Raymond, thanks so much for choosing me! It was an honor to capture this special moment in your lives… I’m ever so looking forward to meeting baby Raymond in the coming months!

Geraldine, College Senior Photos: Lavender Farms to Carlsbad Flower Fields

geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 539

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to share these photos with you. I don’t even have a favorite. I have like 10 favorites.

When Geraldine asked me several months ago to design her graduation announcements, and take her photos for the card.. I was so excited to get her in front of my camera. She is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out! And I was excited to celebrate this accomplishment with her too! After going to school, for what feels like forever, she has graduated with her Bachelors in Nursing and is now an RN! My friends are smart, people. And pretty. (P.S. Did I mention she’s single! P.P.S. I can’t wait to see who God has been holding on to for her!!)

Whoa, tangent… anyway, the goal for the day was to get her portraits done with some purple flowers since that’s one of her school’s colors. After some research, we found Key Farm’s Lavender Fields in Valley Center. Knowing that the times were going to be yucky, or at least not the best photography wise, we also decided to head down to the Carlsbad Flower Fields for sunset photos. And then oh yeah, that place closes at 6 and its summer in southern California and still quite hot and sunny then. Okay, so how about we go up to the beach, Oceanside, and then head home? Okay, as long as I can wear my heels, she says! So basically, these were taken everywhere and all throughout our very fun day! Hope you love them all as much as I do. And guys, message me for her number. kidding kidding… kinda. 🙂

I knew right away the day was going to be amazing when we had to make a u-turn and found this beautiful driveway… the perfect way to start our photo shoot (minus the whole getting lost and having to turn around aspect of course).

geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 422 geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 417

We then continued our adventure to the lavender fields… this is one of my favorites from the day and also the one we ended up using on her graduation announcement.

geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 463 geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 501geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 432

A little breeze never hurts…

geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 528 geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 544

I’m kind of obsessed with her eyelashes… wouldn’t you be??

geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 555 geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 594

And found some perfectly aged white fences to make another stop on our way out…

geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 618 geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 663geraldine senior photos valley center key farms lavender 634

After another hour in the car, and a pitstop for coffee and tea… we found ourselves in the midst of the Carlsbad Flower Fields!

geraldine senior photos carlsbad flower fields 675 geraldine senior photos carlsbad flower fields 731geraldine senior photos carlsbad flower fields 695

geraldine senior photos carlsbad flower fields 794

I wasn’t kidding before, I really am obsessed!

geraldine senior photos carlsbad flower fields 797

And lastly, on our way home we drove up through Oceanside to eat dinner, and take the last few photos of the day.

geraldine senior photos oceanside 816 geraldine senior photos oceanside 820

And the girl finally got to have her heels!

geraldine senior photos oceanside 824 geraldine senior photos oceanside 829

geraldine senior photos oceanside 836

Then after all the photos were taken, edited, and sent off to Geraldine… we then started on the announcement for her graduation! Which is this coming weekend, yee-haw!!

Like I had said at the start, one of her school colors is purple and the other is a golden orange color. I really loved how these came out, from the typography to the custom built pattern.

geraldine loma linda college graduation announcement 091 geraldine loma linda college graduation announcement 95

Congratulations Geraldine!! I’m so proud of you and am so excited to see where your kind, selfless, and giving heart takes you!!

The Wagoners’ Christmas Photos in the Snow, Big Bear


When Lauren and I first talked about getting some new photos of them taken, all she wanted was to take them in the snow. So 2 weeks later, we all drove up to Big Bear, randomly stopping along the road to take some pictures.

It had been awhile since the 4 of us had hung out, and I’m so glad my hubby was there with me to help us get smiles from his best buddy.

wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0699 wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0720 wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0736  wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0747

Seriously, isn’t Lauren just gorgeous! The snow really suits her. 🙂


This is by far my favorite photo of the day.

wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0816 wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0826 wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0868

And we stopped for one last photo on the way home… you can kinda see a hint of pink noses as the temperature was dropping quick!


Thanks Mr. and Mrs. for spending a fun day in the snow with us! Love you both so so much!


Evernotes Every Friday

1. Article on the Confused & Diffused Creative

I love the Braid blog, but this article struck out to me right away as I found myself leaning in and nodding along as I read.

Let me guess. You’re the creative type with lots of ideas. So many ideas! TONS of ideas! And while that should feel like a blessing it often feels like a curse that has you either A) paralyzed or B) crying into your pillow because you can’t get focused, you feel scattered, and you don’t know where to start.

Sound familiar? Keep reading here.

2. The Importance of a Bio Photo

For at least a year now I have been saying that I need a new headshot… especially since that headshot over there on the right of my blog isn’t really a headshot since I had to crop my sister out of the original! This post by Jasmine Star has reminded me yet again that I really need to get a new photo!! Anyone up for trading services? 🙂

3. Colorado Tourism Wine Bottles

A few weeks ago I posted a Texas illustration but while my husband’s heart pines for the state where bigger is better (and hotter, thanks Jess for reminding me it isn’t all about BBQ)… my heart is still pining away for Colorado. And you guys, Colorado has some really awesome graphic design companies that put out work like this icon patterned wine bottle (designed by Karsh Hagen), for the annual Governor’s Tourism Conference in Colorado. Found via designworklife.

4. Globes by Bellerby & Co.

The husband and I tend to collect globes and maps in all shapes and sizes, so I was definitely drawn to the craftmanship of this London workshop. So many beautiful and top notch quality globes! Found via Looks Like Good Design.

5. Mocha Mint Frappe

My best friend and I have a crazy obsession for all things mint… and I think when she gets back from her honeymoon we may need to try these. Thanks Emma for making my whole mouth water at the sight of these! Find the recipe here.