Friday Footnotes


1. A Map of the World Book

I’m kind of obsessed with maps, especially maps as art. I’ve even posted a whole blog on the maps and globes we have around our house (I think our collection has doubled since that post too!). Anyway, I am loving this book of maps that has been illustrated by a variety of designers.

While Google Maps and GPS systems have become our tools of choice for navigation, contemporary maps have evolved into platforms for cutting-edge illustration, experimental data visualization, and personal visual storytelling.

See more images and purchase the book here.

2. Newsprint Vendors

Thoroughly enjoyed this post on Nubby Twiglet… I love these behind the scenes posts! She generously shares her printing vendors, and I hope she knows how appreciative we all are of her for that! And I have actually wondered quite a few times how to print a newspaper, especially since the Design*Sponge blog started their newspaper a few years ago.

3. A Kid’s Guide to How the Internet Ads Work

Pretty cute animation on how ads work on the Internet! Designed by illustrator Dominic Owen and animator Will Samuel, commissioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau in the U.K… found via swissmiss.

4. Make Your Own Typographic Art

I love making custom artwork for our home (did you see my DIY wall art earlier this week?)… especially when it comes in large oversize type! Ever since my first college class in typography, I’ve never looked at letters the same. Each one is a piece of art in itself and once the letter or number is blown up and cropped, it because so abstract and a completely different shape. Anyway, enough gushing on the beauty of type….

I am a huge fan of A Beautiful Mess’ DIY projects! HUGE fan… especially when they first unveiled using engineer prints (seriously awesome cost effective way to print big!). This new DIY project though plucks at the inner middle schooler in all of us, didn’t we all make collages out of magazines when we were 13?? But who would have thought to scan and print these ransom note-like letters into large scale pieces of art for the home! See the whole tutorial here.

5. 9 Tips for Better Jumping Photos

Okay, I’m obsessed with all the creations that come from A Beautiful Mess… so yes here’s a second feature on them! But this post on acheieving the perfect jumping photo, along with the history of the jumping (aka jumpology) photo had me smiling from ear to ear!

Friday Footnotes


1. Ticketmaster Ticket Redesign Concept

I just adore personal projects… the detail and passion behind them really shines through every time! Hey Ticketmaster! Check this out!

Dear Ticketmaster,
It is time to redesign the master of all tickets.

From the size to the reformatting of information, it’s truly a great new look. Created and designed by Medium, found via designworklife’s Quick Links.

2. First Birthday Infographic Invitation

I’m amazed at this birthday invitation for 2 reasons… 1. How awesome would an infographic be for your baby’s first year… what a great way to remember all the little firsts and victories in their lives… and 2. how in the world did this baby’s mama have time to create this special little momento? Kudos to her! [Another find] via designworklife, designed by Misty Manley.

3. Media Kits

Great article from We Are Branch on media kits: why they’re needed and what to include in them.

4. Paper Maché Maps & Globes

Sweet maps and globes all made from paper maché and found and recycled materials! Created by Sara Drake, found via Brave the Woods.

5. Big Brush Pen

I’m somewhat addicted to buying art pens… like every time I see a new post or recommendation on one, I just have to have it. So it’s a given when one of my favorite lettering idols (1canoe2) posts about one, I needed it, like, yesterday!

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Burton Skateboards by Dana Tanamachi

I wish I would have seen this in time for my 27 Wishes post! These are pretty much the most gorgeous snowboards I have ever seen. Oh how I love EVERY SINGLE piece of work Dana Tanamachi puts out!! See more images including some behind the scenes production work here.

2. Envelope Addressing Technique

One of my favorite things to do is letter envelopes… I have no idea why but its fun to get creative and try out different writing techniques along the way. It’s definitely where I’ve gotten the most practice in hand lettering (thanks to the many events of the Pankratz wedding)! But what I haven’t mastered yet, or taken the time and patience for, the address portion. I love to write the names in cursive but then the address usually defaults to my usually printing. But I love love love this concept of hand writing the address and then using a banner like shaped label for the address, bonus points for the wrap around to encompass the return address too!! Found via Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

After reading a few posts from the ladies who attended the Designer Vaca  from this past weekend, I started following some new boards on Pinterest. The next three features are about these new finds of mine…

3. Kayla Adams on Pinterest

I love so many of Kayla’s boards… her likes seem to mirror mine with the range of design to photography filled in with quite a few wedding related pins too! Follow Kayla here.

4. Shauna Haider on Pinterest

I’ve posted a few times from the Nubby Twiglet blog, aka Shauna Haider, a Designer Vaca attendee. So that name may stand out to you! While I have been following her blog for quite some time, for whatever reason, I never made it over to her Pinterest account! And I have definitely be missing out… Follow Shauna here.

5. Megan Gilger on Pinterest

And lastly, my most recent new follow: Megan Gilger. She posts fashionable finds and pins from her blog of her traveling adventures… oh what fun. Follow Megan here.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Willy Wonka Jr.

How unbelievably fun does this project look! Turnstyle branded this stage production of Willy Wonka for a local elementary school which included posters, programs, candy-bar wrappers, Golden Tickets, cast t-shirts, and various other props. Found via the Dieline.

2. Rejected Movie Posters

What a neat look behind the scenes at some of the reject movie posters, while their counterparts became quite the icon. See more from Clockwork Orange and Pulp Fiction on Creative Bloq, found via Nubby Twiglet.

3. Share a Coke campaign

Potential gift idea for your Coca Cola loving friend?

“We are delighted to be launching the Share a Coke campaign, which sees the iconic Coca-Cola script transformed and personalized for our consumers for the first time in our history. We understand the value of offering consumers an authentic and personal brand experience, which is why we are inviting the public to have fun finding the names on our products and taking the time to Share a Coke with their friends and loved ones, both in-store and online” Jon Woods, Managing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain

Found via the Dieline.

4. Allison Chamber’s Student Project

Not only do I love this retro inspired branding, the goal of reducing waste at baseball games would definitely be achieved!

“In addition to brand development, this project called for creating a strategy to reduce packaging waste at baseball games. Nostalgic script from by-gone days inspired the logo. Fans can re-use their ‘Game Seasoned Nuts’ tin game after game, or even store a prized baseball. Season ticket holders get the branded tin holding their tickets, a coupon for nuts, and a baseball signed by the players. The goal of the project is to increase loyalty and fan base, while developing a sustainable, environmental solution.”

Designed by Allison Chambers, found via the Dieline.

5. Publico by Noote & Netoo

I am not normally drawn to Art Deco pieces, but I really love this new branding for the restaurant Publico. See more on Art of the Menu, designed by Noote & Netoo.