Your New Friend Sam, Etsy Shop: It’s a Frozen Celebration

Frozen Inspired Birthday Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 454

Now that it’s December and really starting to feel like winter here in Southern California, I thought it was a perfect time to post about my new Frozen inspired invitations!

Several months ago, I dreamed up a list of all the items I’d like to add to my shop, a Frozen themed invitation being one of them. Not long after that, an old friend inquired about having a Frozen themed invite custom designed for her daughter’s third birthday party. Divine, right?

I started dreaming up how I’d want the invite to look, but as I am not much of an illustrator, I called upon my wonderful friend Rachel, a student at University of California Irvine. And a very familiar face around this blog.

After giving Rachel a sketch and some images to inspire the look and feel of the invite, she went to town painting up the background of the invite on several pages for me to digitally piece together. I just love the look of these in person, the depth and texture to each layer of paint… it’s just gorgeous and so tactile.

Frozen Inspired Hand Painted by Rachel from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 492 Frozen Inspired Hand Painted by Rachel from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 495 Frozen Inspired Hand Painted by Rachel from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 493

I just loved how the piece came together and since we didn’t use the actual characters from Frozen, the invite can be created for a variety of winter themed parties and showers.

But first and foremost, we created it for a very special 3 year old’s birthday party… I love working on custom designs, the client gets to work hand in hand with me, getting a say over the color choices and overall look of the invite. We also upgraded the envelopes to a pretty “ice” silver. They were literally called “ice”—how meant to be is that?!

Frozen Inspired Birthday Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy

It wasn’t until I started to work on the lettering for the invite that I was struck with the idea of creating this same invite with a variety of type treatments to allow the invite to cross over from just being a Frozen invite to winter parties and showers. So we then created Winter One-derland/Wonderland for first birthdays and Oh, Baby It’s Cold Outside for baby showers.

Frozen Inspired Winter Onederland Wonderland Birthday Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 480 Frozen Inspired Winter Onederland Wonderland Birthday Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 482 Frozen Inspired Oh Baby Its Cold Outisde Baby Shower Invitation from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy

And to close, here’s a close up of those icy envelopes, addressed to my favorite Frozen character and her main squeeze.

Frozen Inspired Birthday Invitation Envelope Addressing from Your New Friend Sam on Etsy 490

All these invitations and options are available in my Etsy shop!

Interested in your custom invitation design? Contact me!

Friday Footnotes


Okay, please forgive me as I neglect again to post the usual Friday Foonotes post. Last week I just gave it up all together and just didn’t post one. But I didn’t want to leave you all hanging again! So here’s a peek at my current projects, some are still in progress!

1. Splish Splash Birthday Invitation

Oh how I loooooove how this invitation came out for my friend’s little baby girl. It’s literally my absolute favorite design I think I’ve ever done. Is that saying too much? I don’t know… I just really love. It was one of those times that it came out exactly like I had dreamed it up in my head. I love the layers of illustration, texture, and color. But seriously, isn’t it darling? Hoping to send these out over this weekend in coral envelopes stuffed with pearlescent envelope liners. Ah! And you know that a full post on the invite and the party will be posted, when the time comes. I was just too pleased with it that I’ve already listed in my shop, find that here.

your new friend sam splish splash under the sea birthday invitation printable

2. Personalized Love is Sweet

Just yesterday, I  got a custom request on Etsy to create a stamp for a cookie bar station for a wedding. Together with the bride we created this Love is Sweet stamp. So excited to get this in hand!

your new friend sam love is sweet etsy rubber stamp

3. Church Forward

But what’s really been the star of my current workload is creating all new graphics for several new projects for my church, Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills. First priority was to create a sermon graphic for a 3 part July series.

church forward web banner

4. Now What, A New Believers’ Packet

And then we also created an 8 page brochure-like booklet for new believers… something that will be party of a larger “welcome basket.” This is still a work in progress but it’s been a pretty fun and immersive project, can’t wait to have the real deal in my hands!

now what new believers packet

5. Scrapbook Birthday Cards

And last, but certainly not least, the first weekend of June is usually full of birthday celebrations! So of course, I had to find a bit of time to sit down and make up some cards for these best friends of mine who celebrate their special days in June.

sam allen creates scrapbook card amie 2014


Friday Footnotes


Guys, I used to religiously post these Friday posts… but you see, this blog is supposed to be fun! And I don’t want it to add stress to an already stressful workload. So I neglected my Footnotes posts these last couple weeks. I bet you didn’t even notice! Anyway, I’m still trying to catch up so instead of posting some inspired design pieces from around the web, I’m posting a little sneak peek into my life lately—pretty much all Etsy related. I always love making these posts, hope you like reading them!

1. New Handwritten Vows PRINTS!

As a special request, I mailed out the original copy of a hand written vows print that I created… and just for the heck of it, I kept the listing up in my shop… and it’s been bought twice more since then! What??! I guess I’m selling prints now too! Time to get me some more shipping supplies as these are a way different animal than my itsy bitsy rubber stamps! I’m truly honored that anyone deems my handwriting worthy enough to hang in their house, truly humbled by this whole experience and thankful to God for each and every sale. Okay best move on before I cry some more.

your new friend sam vows print 052

2. Personalized Made with Love Stamp

From a friend’s pin on Pinterest (thanks Trisha!), I was inspired to make this stamp for my shop. I seriously love and it may be my favorite stamp yet!

Made with Love Rubber Stamp, With or WIthout Personalized Name

3. Sunshine and Lemonade Birthday Invite for Grayson

I’ve said this a thousand times over, I love working with my friend Jess on invitations. She usually just gives me a spark of an idea and then gives me total freedom to make whatever I want. And is totally encouraging along the way. This time, she showed me a picture of a lemonade stand that he husband will be making for the party… and that she wanted on the invitation. All I could picture in my head were gray outlined illustrations, but that seemed kinda boring for a 2nd birthday party and then I was sparked with an idea to use watercolor paint. Something I hadn’t done since I was a kid! Definitely a classier kids invite, so I know it won’t be for everybody! I’m going to post more about it all later, but I sure love how it came out! 

sunshine and lemonade your new friend sam birthday invitation

4. Custom Maps

Almost a month ago I listed custom maps in my Etsy shop, without having any idea on if those would sell at all but since I’ve made them for a few wedding invitations for friends, I thought it may be a need in the Etsy world too. I’ve already sold 3 of them! But boy do I need to up the prices, because they took a lot longer than I remember to make! They are definitely fun to make and a challenge to get them to match their already created wedding invitations. Take a look at some other maps here.

your new friend sam custom maps etsy 224

5. Geraldine’s College Graduation Photos

And then finally this past weekend, I got together with my good friend Geraldine to take her college graduation photos! Isn’t she gorgeous?! I can’t wait to show you more, I can’t even say I have a favorite. I love them all!

geraldine loma linda senior photos valley center