Friday Footnotes


1. Freelance Wisdom from Kristen Drozdowski

This post. Love. Needed. Loved. Read it. Once. Twice. Thrice?

Not all work is fun – and during those non-fun times, it’s important to always love and embrace the fact that you’re allowing yourself to follow your dream to do something creative for a living! Even when it’s stressful – you’ll love it all if what you’re doing is something that makes you happy.

Found via June Letters, more on Kristen’s site.

2. 40 Reasons to Love Lettering

I love how of Design*Sponge phrased this in her introduction to 40 Reasons to Love Lettering:

As technology becomes more advanced and more impressive, I find myself missing the “old way” of doing things more and more. Even though I love a great digitally printed logo or sign, you can’t beat the hand-painted signs and lettering that used to cover shops, storefronts and the sides of buildings.

I totally agree! Which is all the more reason that I love getting to create so much with lettering in my Etsy shop! I couldn’t have said it better myself! And I loved going through all 40 images of such a wide variety of lettering, from the style of the lettering to the placement of the text! See them all here.

3. Multinational Typeface

I love this new typeface an advertising company in Singapore developed. Representing the flags of countries they do business in, they each remind me of wood cut blocks on old printing presses. Really neat to see the various pieces and flags come together into one cohesive typeface. Found via DesignWorkLife.

4. 271 Years Before Pantone

I’ve been meaning to post a snippet from this book… 271 years before Pantone came out with their “standards of color,” A. Boogert painted in watercolor, variations of color that span 800 pages with handwritten notes indicating how much water diluted each specimen. Truly magnificent in detail! More info here, found via swissmiss.

5. Blossom Type

These floral letters definitely caught my eye as I scrolled through my blog feed, but then when I saw a more behind the scenes photos, I truly appreciated the minute detail and the trained hand it must have taken to assemble such a small and complex piece, times 2+10 numbers! Wow. Found via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. ESPN Music Issue

Amazing custom typography for ESPN music by Allan Peters… inspired by the grooves on vinyl records. Love the page layouts especially from the way the type was incorporated to Mikey Burton’s icons and to the use of the margins. See more images here.

2. Dave the Designer

I’ve been having fun exploring calligraphy but Dave the Designer really put the “pedal to the metal” and wrote all his 1,000 Twitter followers names in calligraphy. That is dedication. And they are all amazing and unique. Found via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

3.  Authentic Models

Last week’s post was pretty heavy on branding but these next three are all about office decor. Guys, gals, people of the Internet, I just love how my renovated home office is coming together. Thanks to one of Oh So Beautiful Paper’s NYIGF posts, I have discovered Authentic Models and oh how much do I love each and every single item they sell!


4. Mattson Creative Office

And just as I am wrapping up our office, Mattson Creativewho I love—just posted more images of his new collab office in Irvine. Those lights! That coffee table! The typography wall! Whaaat?!

5. Anchors Aweigh, Jon Contino

And one last office decor inspired post, just look at these nautical inspired Jon Contino pieces! I just love his work!