Doilies, Lace and Burlap Engagement Party for Amie and Matt


This past year I have been obsessed with scrapbooking. Literally, obsessed. My husband will not even go with me to Michael’s anymore… Since completing the year of engagement scrapbooks for my 2012 brides, I have been missing the craft like crazy! So when Amie and I started talking about her engagement party I got so excited to bring out the craft supplies: the paper, the glue, the photos, all the fun stuff!

Here’s the invite we came up with… she wanted to use lace and burlap to decorate the party—and the wedding—so we designed a card that had the rustic look with Kraft paper but with the added feminine touch of a paper doily. And I love how we got to use a photo from the actual proposal too!



And I love adding the extra detail of the brown edges with a stamp pad, ever since creating Shane and Kyrene’s Meant to Bee wedding suite.


And of course, we had a little craft night to create these multi layered invites… something I always look forward to, a girls night in with the bride to be!


The party was just this past weekend, and what a party it was. Here’s a very small glimpse of the decorations, Amie plans on reusing these white frames at the wedding for the table numbers too. You may recognize the first framed photo from our Christmas shoot in 2011.



I loved how I had this Kraft wrapping paper on hand for their gift to match the decor!


We were only missing Joyce from the bridal party, but here are the bridesmaids with our bride!


And of course this post wouldn’t be complete without a photo of the bride and groom to be! So happy for them!


Gift Giving via Etsy

My favorite gift giving site lately has been ordering custom or unique gifts via Etsy! With Valentine’s Day coming up next week, these would all make great gifts for those special ladies in your life!

You can click the image for the specific product…

For the Photographer

I bought this last summer for my best friend’s birthday from Luci’s Chic Boutique. It’s a fun accessory for your favorite aspiring photographer, a way to make the standard black strap unique to them!

For the Mother

Growing up I remember my mom having those little children birthstone necklaces, so when it came time to buy gifts for some of my favorite young mothers I went to Etsy to see what I could find! There are so many options, it was actually overwhelming. And even once I settled on a particular kind of necklace, there are a lot of other options to customize them. All that to say, it was fun being able to give such a unique gift with their own children’s names on them!

For the Newlyweds

This gift was super specific to the couple, but for any newlywed, a handmade gift with their initials is such a great gift for them! I ordered this dish from Laurel Begley Ceramics, they come in a variety of sizes, colors, and even with a wood stump to put your rings on.

For the Antique Lover

This was my Christmas gift from my husband… I had been searching for a watch for awhile but couldn’t find anything that I really liked. Thankfully, my husband thought of checking Etsy and then I had a billion and more options to choose from, and so so many that I liked! I didn’t even pick this one out in particular (from Chai Shop), I just told him that I pretty much liked them all and to go for it! 🙂 Check out more vintage watches.

For the Designer

And lastly, this is another Christmas gift I received but this time from my mama Santa! And I just loooooove it! It was the perfect length and perfect accessory to wear during the day to day business. It’s from Gwen Delicious, which has a ton of other letters and options including letterpress blocks which may be on my list for this year!

Hope you enjoyed this little gift giving Etsy guide… I hope to post another one before Christmas! Or even one with reader suggested shops, so with that in mind, tell me what is your favorite Etsy shop?

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Finding Your Writing Voice

Really great tips on how to write a blog (and not sound like a robot). Favorite tip: write as if talking to a friend. So obvious and simple yet something I have never thought to do. Read more on Sarah Von Bargen’s blog.

How To Find Your Writing Voice (And Not Sound Like A Robot)

2. Barclay Christmas Infographic

I just love love love the mix of the handwritten with a modern design, but handwritten mixed with food photography? Challenge accepted! (anyone else catching up on HIMYM Season 7 right now??) Designed by Gonzalo Azores, found via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

Barclaycard Christmas infographic

3.  Let’s Go Camping Poster

Thanks to Allan Peter’s well curated blog, I have found a new favorite designer/illustrator! The best part is, Basemint is on Etsy! My favorite print so far is Let’s Go Camping poster! It’s green (check!), it’s natural elements illustrated (check!), and there’s random scraps of typography (check!). Did I mention they have a store??

 the work of Basemint

4. Megan + Mike’s Seaside Photo Save the Dates

Here’s another clever Save the Date! This time, Nichole at Coral Pheasant, created this unique design. Each Save the Date came with two separate pieces, a photo trifold and a note about the upcoming wedding festivities. To house these two different items, the envelope was sewn in half, thus creating two mini pockets. Genius! Found via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

5. Labeled Mixing Bowls

For the cooking illiterate in your life (me!!). Found via Summer Watkins on Pinterest, can be purchased from West Elm.

Labeled Kitchen, Mixing Bowls, Set of 3