Friday Footnotes


Let me introduce y’all to a new name for my Evernotes Every Friday postings…

Friday Footnotes

To end each week I will continue to be posting 3–5 “footnotes” of the week… when I first started the Evernotes Every Friday column 3 years ago it was strictly design related. But now as my tastes and interests have grown, quite often I will feature a DIY craft, an interesting wedding idea, or even a mouth watering recipe.

Plus, it’s not like I was endorsed by Evernote anyway. 🙂

So sit back and enjoy the end of the week with some Friday Footnotes….

P.S. Thanks to my friend Brittany for brainstorming with me and coming up with the new name!

Evernotes Every Friday

Last month I did a different spin on the weekly Evernotes Every post… instead of posting 5 things (designs, photos, recipes) that I saved that week, I posted 5 design projects that I was personally working on the time. It was a fun break to post something like that but it also helped with the lack of time to gather an Evernotes post.

So here we are, 5 weeks later and I must try that again! Hope you like getting this glimpse into the multi-tasking my brain is doing right now! Eeek! And in addition to three designs I am working, I am going to show you sneak peek into two photo shoots I just did! How stinking fun to add these to my list! I am seriously so blessed everyday to get to do what I love! Beyond blessed!

1. Womens’ Retreat

This past week I created posters and flyers for our church’s upcoming Womens’ Retreat. I love working on girly stuff! It’s a rare occasion for me!


2. VBS: Kingdom Rock

Another rare project is getting to work on something for kids! And this is another project for my church, using the graphics from Group… if you have kids ages Pre-K thru 5th grade, bring them to VBS at our church this summer! Register here.

slide v1

3. Bear Illustrations

This is a super new project that is just getting started, lots of kinks to work out but this is just one iteration of an illustrated bear. No more details to share with you yet. 🙂


4. CSUF Seniors: Ali and Amy

These girls may have been the funniest and most fun to take photos of. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard behind the camera. I promise there’s more “portrait-like” photos of these two, but I thought this photo captured our shoot so perfectly and truly captures the excitement of graduating college! It was a great photo to close out our evening of shooting in downtown Fullerton last weekend.


5. CSUSM Senior: Kristie

Just this past Wednesday night I took another college senior’s portraits but this time for a long time friend, practically a sister, Kristie. You will be seeing quite a bit of Kris this year as she is my best friend Amie’s sister (you’ve actually already seen here in Another Year of Babies, Brides, and BBQ) and will be standing right next to me in the upcoming Pankratz wedding. But having known this young little miss practically her whole life, I am not going to lie, I misted up at least once taking her photos! And I am so excited to show you the rest!


Evernotes Every Friday

1. Finding Your Writing Voice

Really great tips on how to write a blog (and not sound like a robot). Favorite tip: write as if talking to a friend. So obvious and simple yet something I have never thought to do. Read more on Sarah Von Bargen’s blog.

How To Find Your Writing Voice (And Not Sound Like A Robot)

2. Barclay Christmas Infographic

I just love love love the mix of the handwritten with a modern design, but handwritten mixed with food photography? Challenge accepted! (anyone else catching up on HIMYM Season 7 right now??) Designed by Gonzalo Azores, found via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

Barclaycard Christmas infographic

3.  Let’s Go Camping Poster

Thanks to Allan Peter’s well curated blog, I have found a new favorite designer/illustrator! The best part is, Basemint is on Etsy! My favorite print so far is Let’s Go Camping poster! It’s green (check!), it’s natural elements illustrated (check!), and there’s random scraps of typography (check!). Did I mention they have a store??

 the work of Basemint

4. Megan + Mike’s Seaside Photo Save the Dates

Here’s another clever Save the Date! This time, Nichole at Coral Pheasant, created this unique design. Each Save the Date came with two separate pieces, a photo trifold and a note about the upcoming wedding festivities. To house these two different items, the envelope was sewn in half, thus creating two mini pockets. Genius! Found via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

5. Labeled Mixing Bowls

For the cooking illiterate in your life (me!!). Found via Summer Watkins on Pinterest, can be purchased from West Elm.

Labeled Kitchen, Mixing Bowls, Set of 3