Friday Footnotes


1. Walt Disney World Badgehunting

I love Allan Peters’ Badgehunting blog posts… wherever he goes, he documents the beautiful modern and vintage type lockups that he sees. This time, in Walt Disney World. How can I not post about it when it combines two of my favorite things in the whole world? Type and Disney Parks. It always makes me happy to see people truly appreciate these details that Disney devotes so much time to. See the rest of his post here.

2. How to Conquer 6 Common Business Fears

I love getting emails from Etsy for the sellers. Like Love Love. They are always short and to the point, but so full of great information and advice! And are usually so true to where I am at and what I am feeling. Katy Svehaug emailed out recently with an article titled “How to Conquer 6 Common Business Fears” and the whole time I’m reading I am just nodding and smiling, yes yes yup, exactly! From the fear that sharing your work because it is so personal and close to your heart to being afraid to fail to the more unique, [Not Knowing] What Success Looks Like for You. It’s a great read, take a look here.

3. Not-Another-Bill

What a cool and fun concept! After you pick your interests and subscribe to their site, Not-Another-Bill will send you, via snail mail, a package/letter/parcel from one of their contributors. Now that would be something to look forward to! Read more on their site here… originally found via Brave the Woods Blog.

4. Calligraphy Video by Hej Heidi

I can watch people write in calligraphy for hours on end. Seriously. It’s just beautiful to watch the various techniques. It’s an art form as much as it is “just writing something down.” Thank you Hej Heidi for sharing!! See more on her site here. Found via Pinterest.

5. Plastic Bag Printmaking

This is such a cool idea! Found via Creature Comforts’ Three Things I’m Loving Right Now, what I love most about the technique of plastic bag printmaking is that you have a bit more freedom and if you mess up on the bag, you can start over without ruining the canvas! Second favorite part, is the layers upon layers you can go.


Evernotes Every Friday

1. A Beautiful Mess App

Within the first day there were quite a few #ABeautifulMess app posts but in case you haven’t heard… the wonderfully creative blog, A Beautiful Mess, has launched their own photo editing app. The app not only has filters for your photos but it always has type, graphic and border overlays to make your photo even more personalized. You can read more about it here, and download it here.

2. Old & New

Here’s another new project that I just heard about (thanks to Allan Peters!).

Old & New provides a platform for contemporary graphic artists to exhibit works themed on Biblical stories and passages. It also aims to introduce a new online audience to Biblical art, attempting to replace popular, yet sometimes low-quality, contemporary Biblical artwork with the kind of accessible and honorable work that has historically been associated with the Bible.

I really loved going through the various illustrations, each one is just so good. Top quality illustrators in such a wide range of styles and concepts. Each graphic is available to purchase as a print to benefit a cause, depending on which round their in (currently benefitting blood:water).

3. “What’s Your (Color) Story?” Workshop with Anna Bond at Design Ranch

I loved following Courtney’s time in Texas for Design Ranch. In particular, I really loved the process she went through in Anna Bond’s color workshop. I love Anna’s work at Rifle Paper Co., like love love. But the process she shared through the workshop was very cool… encouraging you to have a color palette of only 24 colors throughout all your work, with each individual project consisting of “a light, medium and dark color; a vibrant, medium and muted color, and at least one warm and one cool color.” (Promise Tangeman said something similar in her guest appearance on Creative Live, something I took notes on that I’ve been meaning to post about!) Anyway, what a great exercise Anna created, and thanks Courtney for sharing!

4. Underpantones

These are so hilariously cool… I think every designer should own a pair in their favorite Pantone! Designed by MARK, found via the Dieline.

5. Jungle Cruise Model

I seriously am amazed at the top notch quality in personal projects. The following model was created just for a guy’s desk and just because he wanted it! So he built it.

And then he showed how he built it. These models truly are so amazing for the tiny scale!

P.S. Imagineering Disney is a really awesome Disney blog, if you’re looking to follow one.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. ESPN Music Issue

Amazing custom typography for ESPN music by Allan Peters… inspired by the grooves on vinyl records. Love the page layouts especially from the way the type was incorporated to Mikey Burton’s icons and to the use of the margins. See more images here.

2. Dave the Designer

I’ve been having fun exploring calligraphy but Dave the Designer really put the “pedal to the metal” and wrote all his 1,000 Twitter followers names in calligraphy. That is dedication. And they are all amazing and unique. Found via Good Design Makes Me Happy.

3.  Authentic Models

Last week’s post was pretty heavy on branding but these next three are all about office decor. Guys, gals, people of the Internet, I just love how my renovated home office is coming together. Thanks to one of Oh So Beautiful Paper’s NYIGF posts, I have discovered Authentic Models and oh how much do I love each and every single item they sell!


4. Mattson Creative Office

And just as I am wrapping up our office, Mattson Creativewho I love—just posted more images of his new collab office in Irvine. Those lights! That coffee table! The typography wall! Whaaat?!

5. Anchors Aweigh, Jon Contino

And one last office decor inspired post, just look at these nautical inspired Jon Contino pieces! I just love his work!

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Costco Rebrand

A group of students from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco created a complete redesign of the Costco brand: Kirkland. They also created another sub-brand called Ollie’s which would house the cafe and bakery items. Altogether they created  almost 80 – 100 fully comped items. Wow! Here’s just one item, Ollie’s Olive Oil. Each item is so detailed and well constructed! Very impressive! Found via thedieline.

2. Treasures

With so many of my friends having babies, I just fell in love with this diaper packaging! After you use all the diapers, the box can become your child’s new favorite toy! Shown here is a car, but there’s also a wagon and a house too! Found via thedieline.

3. Photo Wall with Picture Ledge

I’ve been looking for ideas on how to decorate our upstairs hallway wall — that you can see from downstairs right when you walk in the front door. And, well, this is just perfect. Found via Pinterest.


4. Ivan Bügel: Live Fast

I just adore the typography accompanying this illustration. Like love love love it! Designed and illustrated by Ivan Bügel, found via designworklife.

5. Jon Contino

I have seen his work before but I have never dived into it before. Allan Peters posted a blog about Jon Contino’s work, along with this interview, and I fell in love with the intricate lettering. His process includes researching different time periods of his pieces to figure out the exact amount of texture and grunge a piece will need. View his site here along with his clothing company, CXXVI.