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Sam Allen Creates: January to June 2020

There’s no better way to start off a new year than by looking at the best parts of the year before!

I love taking the time to create these blog posts, taking the time to review each and every project from the start of the year brought back so many memories! Granted, so much more work was created but not necessarily photographed! The year started slow as it usually does but just when wedding season was picking back up, the pandemic hit and my shop was at a standstill. Thankfully, Mother’s Day prep gave me some fun projects to work on… but scroll to the end to see my greatest creation from the spring, she’s a cutie!

I’m going to lay out this annual recap a bit different, rather than going by month, I’ve organized it based on type of project! Let’s get started…

Flatlay Inspiration

The year started with a flatlay marathon with Bowties & Bouquets and Sun and Sparrow Photography.

Once the pandemic descended upon us, my friend Rosy, from Alba Rose Photography, offered to shoot some of stationery to get some flatlay practice during the lockdown.

Bridesmaid Cards

I bet you can’t tell by looking at these photos what my most popular color combo ordered is? just kidding… it’s quite obvious my dusty rose cards are a fan favorite!

Shop Bridesmaid Cards in my Etsy shop.

Envelope addressing

I also got to work on a few sets of envelope addressing for spring weddings (both of which were sadly cancelled and postponed 😱).

Wedding BTS

A few in-studio shots for more 2020 brides, both of whom got married by the end of the year no matter the obstacles along the way!

Floral Name Signs

I really love making these Floral Letter name and word paintings. The following us two very different color schemes making each one is so unique!

Shop Floral Letter Name Signs here.

Miscellaneous Custom Watercolor Paintings

A wedding gift created with the couple’s motto… and one of the last non-pandemic affected weddings of the year—dated in early March!

I loved creating this California state painting for a local real estate agent as one of his client gifts.

A wedding bouquet painted in watercolor. This was my first ever at this scale and detail and I can’t wait to do another one! Bouquet from New Creation Floral based on a photo by Melissa Fe Chapman.

A family motto painted up in a fruit blossom wreath.

A buffalo painted up for a mostly black and white gallery wall.

A sweet piece painted up as a gift for a retiring school staff member.

A handpainted journal, one of the very last projects I worked on before the baby arrived—and a good thing too because it’s for my children’s godmother!

Watercolor Portraits

Wow, if I hadn’t made this post, I may not have realized just how many portraits I painted during this season until I did my year-end accounting! Almost all of these portraits were painted in between April and May! It was such a whirlwind!

Shop Family Portrait Paintings here and Wedding Portraits here.

Papercut Silhouettes

A couple silhouettes created for Mother’s Day gifts!

Shop Papercut Silhouettes here.

New Products

Creating a full alphabet print of my Floral Letter paintings had been on “my list” for well over a year, but I finally got it done right at the start of the new year! After creating 26 letter paintings and 26 floral designs, the print came together seamlessly! I was able to offer it in two color schemes, one in pink and one with cooler tones of purple and blue. And of course, I had to add one more in my favorite typography form: the ampersand!

Shop Floral Letter Alphabet Print and my Ampersand Floral Letter Print here.

Another item on my lengthy list of projects to accomplish were creating a floral cross and Easter bunny print. With the slow season in my shop caused by the pandemic, I was actually able to get these done just in time for Easter! I absolutely LOVE how they came out and it was so fun to see how everyone displayed them in their homes. They are still available too! Download your free printable paintings here.

More Designs & Lettering Projects

A hand lettered canvas banner created to display travel pins! Can’t wait to share with you how this photographer is using this banner in her office!

A tattoo for Chelsey Lux Photography… a few years ago I lettered a tattoo of her first two children that’s displayed on her left arm. I knew at the time that one day she hoped to add a third name so we purposely designed the tattoo to allow a third name. I was thrilled when she later reached out to me that she was ready for that third name! And I love that little Hattie has her own placement on mama’s right arm! Congrats, Chelsey!

And lastly, as we slide into baby mode… I loved creating this birth announcement for my dear friend and photographer, Jessica Rose! I got to design both of her older son’s announcements and it was an honor to create this one for her third… he is exactly two months older than our little Lily. It’s so fun to be in this baby season with her again (as we both had boys in 2016 together too). And also… she makes such cute and sweet little babies!

Our Sweet Baby Lily

All that to say, the best thing I made during the first half of the year: our baby girl! It was sure weird to be pregnant during the start of the pandemic. Suddenly not seeing any friends as my baby belly grew and grew. While that was heartbreaking to say the least, I tried to keep my eyes on the prize and continue to grow that healthy baby girl while cherishing my time with our son, one on one.

Gender reveal photos by Jessica Rose.

The pandemic may have canceled the baby shower, but I still created the invitation for it and printed myself a copy! Plus, I used the artwork in a larger piece for her room (see below).

More to come of her nursery very soon, it’s the next blog post to get done on my list!

Maternity photos by Stephanie Weber Photography.

And then she was born—May 30, 2020!! After a scary encounter with preeclampsia, I was induced 4 weeks early and gave birth to an itty bitty 4 pound, 15 ounce baby girl!

Newborn photos by Jessica Rose.

And we’ve been fully immersed in all things baby pink ever since!

And that brings us to the end of June and the end of Part 1 of my 2020 Review… If you made it this far, thank you!! I love having you here and thank you for being apart of my journey… I’d love to hear your feedback on these projects, let me know your favorite in the comments below!

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!

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