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12 Month Old Isaiah

Sam Allen Creates Handlettered Isaiah Baby Twelve Months One Year

I went into having a baby knowing that the time would pass quickly. I had told myself that I would savor each and every moment along the way. Even the sleepless nights—but what I didn’t know about that was how it’s really hard to savor a hysterically crying baby when you are also so sleep deprived and hysterically crying yourself because you are an absolutely clueless first time mom. Wow, sorry for the sidetrack… but my point was this, now that you, my Isaiah, are getting older and we have somewhat got the hang of things, I have been savoring the baby left in you. The moments where you still need my hand to hold as you walk or the nights where you need to nurse to soothe yourself back to sleep. In those moments, I get a chance to hold you without you squirming away to start another adventure. In those moments, you are my little baby and I just don’t want to let you go.

Isaiah 12 Months Mothers Day

My boy, you are loved. I think I say this every month but every month I am amazed at how loved you are. And how much I love you. And how much you love me. The way you look at me, the way you see me… that’s who I want to be every single day.

It’s an incredible honor to get to be your mom. I am Isaiah’s Mommy. And I am so proud of that.



I am just so proud of you. Everything you do just amazes me. Or makes me laugh. The way you light up when you smile at me gives me every warm and fuzzy feeling… and then the way you scrunch up your nose for a “stink face” cracks me up.

This month you really started loving books. Especially lift-the-flap books. It’s so cute to watch your little chubby fingers work the flaps open and your squeals of delight at the surprises they may contain. You definitely have your favorites though, there’s only like 10 books that hold your attention and any outside of those you just squirm away and leave me reading alone haha

Isaiah 12 Months IHOP

Another favorite series of moments this last month took place at our local IHOP. You’ve fallen in love with the manager there. You break out your best flirting skills. A big “toothy” grin with a cute little wrinkled nose that can best be described as so ugly it’s cute! Or you give her your best smile and then turn away all shy when she smiles back at you. She’s definitely going down in the book as your first crush, hopefully her 11 grandchildren won’t be too jealous though!

Isaiah Pool Floatie

And of course, this month you turned ONE! We started our day at IHOP so you could see your crush. You just loved the staff singing to you and loving on you. That night we went to the community pool with just us and your grandparents, aunt and godfamily. And again, you just loved getting sung to but I think the real favorite for you was eating your first cupcake. Down to the very last bite haha

Isaiahs Birthday Cupcake

And speaking of being sung to, I did take a quick glance around during your actual birthday party to see everyone singing to you. It was only a quick glance because I was trying not to cry. There is just so much love for you that my heart just overflows with joy. I hope you always feel this cared for, this support, this unconditional love that surrounds you all your days.

Cake smash photos by J Rose Lifestyle Photography



More photos by J Rose for Isaiah’s One Year Portraits



And more favorite photos from the month…



And since this is the last month of these (boo hoo!) here’s a look back at the year. Wow, just wow. So much love for you, my boy.

Isaiah Monthlys-vw

And one last note… I am kinda glad these monthly photos are done because the challenge to capture the little guy before he crawls away keeps getting harder and harder!

Isaiah 12 Month Photo Crawling

I believe in magic. I believe in the power of true love. I believe in fairy tales and happy endings. And I live to create stationery and art for the young at heart to allow my fellow dreamers to treasure all of life’s most wondrous moments!


  • July 19, 2017

    To love your children so much that you can actually feel an ache, what a blessing that is. So thankful for the gift of Isaiah to you, he is so lucky to have you. I can’t wait to see him walking around!!

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