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One Month Old Isaiah

Sam Allen Creates Handlettered Isaiah Baby One Month

Before I catch up on my (amazing!!!) baby showers, and his stunningly adorable newborn photos… I wanted to post about my baby boy’s first month—since today is his one month birthday!!

Our sweet little Isaiah William arrived 12 days early and we couldn’t have fallen harder in love with him. From day 1, we affectionately called him Squishy or Monkey Toes. And on the rare occasion when we would get a glimpse of his eyes at high alert, Big Eyes. From all his extra skin that is just waiting to be filled with chub, to his extra long toes that can grab your finger (or even your lip!), to those giant charcoal blue gray eyes… we love every bit of him!

We also learned quickly that he likes to fart, and loudly! One late night while I was nursing him, he let one rip and Andy actually asked if I was the one that tooted! Oh no, that was your son!

He loves to stretch out as big as he can go, throwing his arms up high over his head with a big arch in his back. He hates to have his diaper or his clothes changed, I just think he’s a little modest—and I’m okay with that! He also hated baths, but is coming around to them.

When he gets scared or startled, he really shows us his Big Eyes along with all the wrinkles in his forehead. We all laugh though as it is the funniest face.

We’ve made it through the circumcision, a clogged tear duct and have begun the battle with baby acne.

He flashes us those sleepy grins which sure makes me melt. I think he might even have a little dimple above his mouth.

He loves to keep us up all night long. He struggles to fall asleep because he just doesn’t want to miss a thing! He’ll fight us for hours just pushing his head up with his strong neck to keep looking around. And even once he falls asleep, he keeps on making noises that may sound cute during the day but sure are hard to sleep through!

He’s taught me that a lot can still be accomplished each day on just a couple hours of sleep and one good 15 minute nap. He’s taught me to get ready for the day before he wakes and to never ever procrastinate because you just never know how long that nap of his will really last.

He’s fought over by all the stream of visitors we’ve had. They all graciously pass him off but only with the hope to hold him again.

He loves to have his hands by his face, even in the womb, and ends up falling asleep with the cutest poses that his mommy has to document. Each and every adorable pose, which of course change throughout his nap.

Due to his jaundice at birth, we learned quickly that he loves to be outside to feel that sun on his skin and the breeze on his face. If he’s fussing, he’ll calm right down outdoors.

After spending the first week of his life in one house, we then moved to our new house in the same town. He’s spent every night by our side in his bassinet but just these past couple days—now that his new nursery is complete—he’s been sleeping in his crib. That first night, he slept better than he had in days… I just held him close after one of his late night feedings, crying, knowing that my baby boy has grown so much in such a short amount of time. He truly is my heart, living outside my chest.

My sweet Isaiah, my little love, here’s to the many more months and years to come.

Isaiah One Month

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  • July 9, 2016


    Love this crazy month with this sweet boy!

  • July 9, 2016


    Oh how sweet. Can’t believe your nursery is done already. Enjoy this little one they grow too fast.

  • July 11, 2016

    I sound like a broken record but I love his one month photo!! And I love him! I can’t wait to see many, many more of these. xoxo

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