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May 2015

A few weeks ago, I had the honor to co-host a baby shower for my forever friend, Brittany. Friends since second grade, bridesmaids in each other's weddings, moms are best friends, she's practically family. Thankfully, my mom and "Tutu Kathy" (an aunt of sorts) were able to step up and really host this shower while I got to just help with decorations and stationery. Between the three of us, this shower was so so adorable and so so delicious. Here's some photos of the event along with some links for their amazing recipes. Seriously amazing recipes. But first, let's start with the beautiful mother to be!! Then we'll get on to those lovely party details

Going over these past couple months' of works just made me smile. There were so many amazing clients and projects to work on. It also reminded me of just how crazy work has been, not like I could forget that of course. I'm quite looking forward to a somewhat lighter load over these next couple weeks as Andy and I take a 2 week trip for some BBQ competitions. I'll be chained to my laptop quite often while still fulfilling orders, but working on my Etsy shop only in Oregon and Colorado sure sounds soooo nice! Anyway, that's my update for the here and now. Here's peeks at the fun from the last couple months!   March First off, I wanted to share some work done for family and friends in the month of March. On March 7, my hubby's cousin, Dustin, proposed to his girlfriend, Sara! My aunt-in-law, Terri, then asked me to design invitations for their engagement party. I was thrilled to do so and loved coming up with this custom lettering for their event. Spring is time for lots of my friends' kiddos birthdays! First up was little Owen's Mickey Mouse themed birthday invites. The (self-inflicted) pressure was on to give justice to