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Miss Kaelea’s Two Year Outdoor Park Photos, Murrieta and Wildomar Children Photography

kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 937

Last summer I posted a glimpse of little miss Kaelea’s photos and somehow the rest of her photos never made it on my blog! After helping with a photoshoot at this same park a few weeks ago, I realized that I hadn’t ever posted these adorable photos… better late than never, right? Can’t believe she’s now almost three!

I met miss Kaelea at Rachel’s baby shower last year and fell in love with her sweet little smile and adorable little laugh… and after seeing these photos I bet you will feel the same way!

kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 962 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 029 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 873 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 869 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 057 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 179 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 509 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 405 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 266 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 208 kaelea-2-year-old-photography-wildomar-murrieta-park 563

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  • April 23, 2014


    These are so precious!!

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