How to Get Started When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

I’m notorious in only wanting to work when I feel like it… when I’m inspired… when I feel that urge to just make.

But what happens when you don’t have that feeling?

For me, I just lay on the couch and watch Netflix. My husband can attest to the countless TV series I have watched from beginning to end because of this.

Over this past weekend, I caught a cold. Nothing too bad, but I acted like a big baby and curled up on the couch with a box of tissues and covered up in blankets. Which would be no big deal if I didn’t have deadlines to meet.

Come Monday, I still didn’t want to get up. Get going. Get making and creating.

But I did.

I got up. Sat down at the computer, not knowing how I was going to get from A to Z.

But just by simply getting up, I got things done. A LOT of things done. I’m pretty proud of what was accomplished this week considering I started out with not one strike of inspiration. But since I got going, I can’t stop. My mind has been constantly whirring with new ideas for work and for my Etsy shop. And slowly, I have been updating things around this blog too.

So my words of wisdom for today… they’re simple words and a simple act but hard to do…

Get up and get going.

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