Photo A Day, September—Week 4

A pretty slow week left me feeling pretty lethargic, like I just hit a wall and my body was dying for a break. So lots of reading occurred… culminating in an exciting weekend ending with taking my best friend’s engagement photos last night! In the same place where Matt proposed, we walked throughout the random alleys of Orange Circle. And then I was given “the list” to end all lists of wedding tasks. Such a good time… I’m feeling rejuvinated today and excited to get things done this week! The wedding is less than 5 weeks away… it’s close enough now that “the speech” is already making my tummy ache, but until then, there’s plenty else to focus on. 🙂


23/from my childhood, 24/space, 25/h is for…, 26/curve, 28/10 o’clock, 29/gold, 30/found

And tomorrow starts a new month!!

I follow Fat Mum Slim’s blog for the Photo A Day prompts, join us for the month of October!


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