Photo A Day, August—Week 2

From being out and about across America over the last couple weeks, this past week at home has sure been weird. But it has been so nice to be home! So nice in fact, I haven’t left my house since Saturday! Of course, only one of those days was because of a headache, and of course it was on Sunday. Bah.

The rest of the week has been bridal shower centered, I can’t believe this time Saturday it’ll all be over but then there are still 4 full days of best friend time. Can not wait!


8/peek-a-boo, 9/2 o’clock, 10/beverage, 11/i love doing this!, 12/macro, 13/fast, 14/trash, 15/the best

I follow Fat Mum Slim’s blog for the Photo A Day prompts, join us for the month of August!


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