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Upcoming Trip: Maine, Boston, New York, and Philly


In just a few weeks time, my hubby and family will be flying to the east coast to enjoy two full weeks along lobster feasts, clam choweder, pizza slices, and philly cheesesteaks. Yes I am most looking forward to the food. How did you know?

We will spend half our trip in Maine and I am quite looking forward to our bi-annual reunion beachside. We plan to go on a whale watching tour, eat loads of lobster, and just relax, enjoying one another company’s.

Next up, we will drive down to Boston to spend a couple days, and then New York for a few more, and just a train ride into Philly for a day.

I have yet to ever visit Maine or Massachusetts, and have only spent a lone afternoon in New York City and a night’s drive through PA.

So all that to say, what are your tips and suggestions for visiting such places?! Please, all input is wanted and welcome!


The two above photos are from a quick weekend trip Andy and I took to New York in 2005 to visit my best friend living in upstate New York (and it was our first plane ride together!)!

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