Evernotes Every Friday

1. New Blog to Follow: Lara Casey

With the chaotic nights of last week, finding Lara Casey’s blog couldn’t have been better timed. Looking forward to many more wise posts of hers!

2. AIGA’s Portfolio 1 on 1

I am just loving this poster created for AIGA… but the concept of sitting down with my portfolio to meet one on one with an AIGA is terrifying beyond belief! Thanks to Allan Peters for posting… more info on AIGA’s Portfolio 1 on 1 here.

3.  Singin’ in the Rain Poster

So simple and minimalist… big fan of this “fan art” for Singin’ in the Rain… Artist unkown, found via Pinterest.

4. Kraft Wedding Invitation by Aaron Bloom

I am just loving the creativity shown in wedding invitations today! Amie and I are really loving this type of envelope—and all things Kraft—for her own wedding invitations! Designed by Aaron Bloom, found via designworklife.

5. Friends Peephole Frame

Have I ever told you that my favorite tv show is Friends? I have watched the series from start to finish a countless number of times. Rachel Green is my syndicated BFF and Monica Gellar is my OCD other half. So guys, I really need to make this iconic frame that the girls had in their New York apartment! DIY found here, found via Pinterest.

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