Evernotes Every Friday

1. Chick Chick Club Website Design

Modern yet feminine web site design with many detailed design elements. Click the image for more screen shots. Found via the Graphic Exchange.

2. DIY Mercury Glass Lamps

I totally want to try this!! Let’s go garage sale-ing! Stat! Found via Pinterest.

3. L Train Green

A very clever suggestion by Suzanne for next year’s ArtPrize in Michigan.

4. Library Embosser

This would be #26 on my birthday wish list for sure! Found via Pinterest.

5. Steve Jobs Then and Now

While I write this on my MacBook, I have been moved these last couple days by the nation’s heartbreak for Steve Jobs. I received the text from Andy yesterday on my iPhone alerting me that he had passed away. He was such an innovator while creating and leading two very different empires: Pixar and Apple. Truly an inspiration for this generation. Found this image on Dribbble but there were so many to choose from including this close second.

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