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Chase + Steph, Engagement Session with J Rose Photography

I am not a photographer, but I sure love to take photos! Photos of anything! Landscapes, plants, architecture and more recently, of people. At the end of January, my point and shoot Canon camera broke, but luckily I had been saving for SLR and was able to get a Nikon D3000 and it rejuvenated my love for photography all the more!

A wonderful friend of mine, Jessica, of J Rose Photography, invited me to come along with her on an engagement shoot. She was going give me some pointers about how to even use my camera and give me a chance to be on the other side of the camera on a photo shoot. I knew photographers had a stressful job, but I had never understood the urgency and efficiency needed on a shoot. I had always been the one being photographed, usually by my husband’s boss, Carolyn. I always felt so relaxed, it was always fun getting your photo taken. But wow, are things different on the other side! When we first started the shoot, I was still figuring out the right setting on my camera and Jess said they were ready for the next location! The other thing that I have yet to understand, is the art of masking the stress you’re feeling and making your client feel comfortable. Jess was able to make so many jokes while I was just scrambling around behind her making sure my images were in focus.

To sum up, there’s a lot more to photography and being a photographer than just owning a nice camera. You not only need an eye for composition and lighting, but in order to be a portrait photographer, there’s a personality needed too!

Thanks Jess for letting me join you for an afternoon, giving me a mere glimpse of your side of the camera…

Here  are my two favorite photos that I took that day. There’s many more that Jess took that are posted on her blog.

Chase and Steph

Chase and Steph 2

Happy Tuesday!

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