Everlasting Evernote

Today I reached a mile marker in my Evernote account. My 1,000 note! And what was it you ask? A wedding invitation suite I found, after drooling over Wallnut’s other branding designs.

wallnut wedding suite

If I haven’t gushed over Evernote enough on here, you’d think they were a sponsor of this blog, I just wanted to share again why I love Evernote so much! As a designer with many hats, I love to be able to save all my images for each project in one note, in one place, with tags to support them so I can easily find them again later. Then I can save each one in a notebook to further indulge my OCD. Here’s how my notebooks stand now…

Creative (all things graphic design): 733

Crafts (a new notebook for upcoming DIY projects I hope to accomplish): 6

Home Decor: 3

Illustrations: 108

Party/Wedding Ideas: 4

Photography: 7

Wedding Collateral: 123

Want (my wishlist, I’m just getting started though!): 1

Web Design Screenshots: 15

But now I am also on Pinterest and as Evernote has a finite amount of space each month, I may stop using Evernote for all things other than graphic design.

Well now I am sure this may be a rather boring post but I just thought I’d share it with youβ€”it’s my blog anyway!

P.S. If you’re on Pinterest too, follow me, I’m new and still learning!

One thought on “Everlasting Evernote

  1. Leslie says:

    Hey, I’m loving your blog! πŸ™‚ I just joined Pinterest today! I only have about 3 pins right now, but I’m excited to dig through and get inspired. My username is leslie_studiolk! And, your notebooks sound amazing!!

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