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Evernotes Every Friday

1. Kate & Michael on Minted

While I normally favor the untraditional wedding invite, the following invitation is just too lovely for me not to save it. The typography is just graceful… can type have grace? Or maybe elegance? Either way, if you want a traditional invite, this one is beautiful which a touch of whim in the ampersand (&). You can purchase this invite on minted.

Modern Tweed Wedding Invitations

2. Bird & Banner Family Tree

I love green and I love nature and I love this print! How sweet is this to have as an even more unique family tree by using your family’s fingerprints! I am definitely making one for my family, when that time comes. See more of Bird & Banner’s designs.

3. Stenciled Floor DIY

I keep saving all these craft projects and have yet to do one, but I love this stenciled floor DIY featured on design*sponge. I probably won’t do this on our actual floor (don’t worry Andy!), but there are so many more possibilities like for banners/canvas or on fabric…

4. Converse Identity by Maven

I’ve been on Maven’s site a lot this week and really enjoyed the variety of projects in their portfolio. The following identity was done for Converse and does a fantastic job of staying true to the Converse brand. Even the colors are black and white just like the famous shoe itself! Maven played off the equity of the brand perfectly! Many people would see the image of the bottom of the shoe and recognize instantly what brand it is. See more from Maven for Converse on their site.

Converse by Maven

5. One Village Coffee

Who wouldn’t want a coffee package that you could read like a cereal box? Designed by Able. Found via the How 2011 Design Awards.

One Village

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