Thankful for: Dixie

I am not the best blogger so my Thankful for: November posts are far and few but this past week I was able to experience a spiritual revival and I have to share. Last Sunday, the 7th, my very good friend Mckensie’s mother passed away, very suddenly, from a heart attack. God opened many doors and I was able to go out to Utah for the funeral with three of my other close girlfriends. Throughout the trip and since we’ve been back I have been telling this story to all who will listen, so Internet, listen up!

When we first found out about the loss of Mckensie’s mother, Dixie, not only did our hearts break for their family but for our loss as well. Having only encountered Dixie a few times, I can say that even with such brief moments in time, she impacted my life in a great way. She would always greet me with a hug, a smile, and infectious laughter would ensue. She always gave without expecting anything back. She truly was a servant for Jesus Christ.

We left early Thursday morning and got to see a California sunrise and a Utah sunset from within Jessica’s little white car, with Josh and Mckensie’s little Boston Terrier, Champ, in between us. We felt as though we were warriors sent from an even greater army back home, all gathered in prayer for the service and for the family.

The viewing was Thursday night and there was a line out the door to get in! Dixie was quite the woman; a master organizer/planner, hunter, Alpaca farmer, craft queen, mom, wife, and friend. On Friday, there were 800 people gathered to say goodbye. Dixie left such an impact on so many people and Pastor Josh was able to give such a testimony of Dixie’s life. He shared so many sweet memories of her life and then told the people why she was so wonderful. Why was Dixie able to give and give to the people of Vernal? Why were so many people there that day? Dixie knew Jesus and took the love He had for us and shared it by serving the community and loving everyone unconditionally. With the exception of 50 or so people, all the people gathered were unbelievers. Josh then asked them if they wanted to experience that same love of Jesus that Dixie was given and almost every seat was then left and 600-700 people stood and gave their lives for Jesus.

On our way home, we kept thinking “What would Dixie do?” But it truly is “What would Jesus do?” He would give without expecting anything back. Love as though He had never been hurt. And He would continue running this race while sharing of His Father’s grace. I feel so blessed to have gone to Utah and more blessed to know Dixie and her daughter Mckensie. Mckensie is truly a reflection of her mother, and both are a reflection of their Savior, Jesus Christ.


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  1. Janessa says:

    God used Dixie’s life and heart to touch and encourage not only her close family and friends, but also all of us who were privileged to meet her briefly. With every soul that hears of her selfless love and faithfulness, I believe God will continue to be glorified by his precious daughter Dixie.

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