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Thankful For: My Daily Commute

I used to say that I wouldn’t mind sitting in traffic if I had some good tunes to listen to. Now I find myself sitting in my car feeling quite suffocated by my fellow drivers and their stinky fumes. I find that I just do not have enough music to listen to and that not one of the almost thousand songs to choose from can satisfy me. I find myself watching the miles tick by and the gas gauge rapidly tick down to empty, pleading for a costly fill up. I find myself saying that I just have NO time, for God, for friends, for thinking.

But do I really not have time? I have actually found myself with an enormous two hour gap in my day, one to start and one to finish.

I find myself thankful that I have a car to drive to work and that in all the time Andy has had the little blue Corolla, it has not failed on us. I find myself thankful for my iPhone, which is capable of downloading podcasts from pastors that I love from all over the world, giving me not only new messages to listen to but also giving me a chance to learn more about our God and spend time with Him. Beside the fact that really a thousand songs is quite plentiful. I find myself thankful that I have never not had the money to fill up my gas tank and have never run out of gas looking for a gas station nearby in the 50 mile drive to feed the car. I find myself thankful for uninterrupted time with God, phone calls with friends, and miles of thinking time.

Thankful that I can put the pedal to the medal…


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