Lauren & Kellen — Menifee Maternity Photos

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made — Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 247

This little sweet baby girl is about to make her debut in the next couple weeks so I thought I’d share a few of her parent’s maternity photos with you all first! I can not wait to cuddle and love on this babe. Timehop has been reminding me daily of my little Isaiah as a newborn from last year everyday and it’s giving me baby fever!! Olivia June, I can not wait to meet you! And neither can your mama!!

Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 232Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 247Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 291Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 342Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 382Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 443Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 449Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 519Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 565Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen 608

Menifee Maternity Portraits — Lauren and Kellen

Matt and Amie’s Maternity Portraits at Santa Rosa Plateau

Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 2

It was just a year ago that I got to stand up next to my best friend as she married the man of her dreams. And in just one short month, they will be welcoming their baby boy into this world.

I can’t wait to love on you Baby Hudson…. and take thousands and thousands of photos of you over the coming years!

Hope you all enjoy taking a glance through our little afternoon in the great outdoors!

Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 1   Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 4 Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 5 Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 6  Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 8Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 7 Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 9Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 3 Santa Rosa Plateau Maternity Photography | Amie and Matt 10

Oh man…. I can not wait!! You two are going to be such amazing parents!!

Roxy and Raymond, Malibu Beach Maternity Photos

roxy malibu maternity photography 9473

I didn’t meet Roxy and Raymond in person until the day of the shoot, but instantly, they felt like friends. And they’re relationship was just so sweet to watch… Roxy has such a joy within her, a happiness that’s contagious—Raymond truly loves her so much and you can see it in the way he talks with her and admires her.

Their little boy is due in October and we’re already planning the newborn shoot! I can not wait! But until then, enjoy these sweet moments from a Sunday evening sunset on the Malibu coast.

roxy malibu maternity photography 809 roxy malibu maternity photography 819


Roxy loved her white flowy dress for the photos, she couldn’t help but play with that light gauzy material, and as her photographer, I was so happy too! It made for some dreamy captures!


roxy malibu maternity photography 894 roxy malibu maternity photography 914 roxy malibu maternity photography 975 roxy malibu maternity photography 989 roxy malibu maternity photography 9018 roxy malibu maternity photography 9233roxy malibu maternity photography 958 roxy malibu maternity photography 9128  roxy malibu maternity photography 9136

Then just as the sun set behind the cliffs, Roxy changed into a second outfit for their last few photos.

roxy malibu maternity photography 9380 roxy malibu maternity photography 9365 roxy malibu maternity photography 9453

Roxy and Raymond, thanks so much for choosing me! It was an honor to capture this special moment in your lives… I’m ever so looking forward to meeting baby Raymond in the coming months!

Matt and Amie’s Pregnancy Announcement Photos and Card Design

your new friend sam pregnancy announcement calligraphy photo card 096

Last week, my best friend finally let the cat baby out of the bag! She’s expecting her first little babe this December!

Before she even found out that she was pregnant, she had told me that she had wanted to take these feet photos with their little pup (okay she’s not that little now, remember these Christmas photos??)

your new friend sam pregnancy announcement calligraphy photo card growing by two feet

amie and matt pregnancy announcement photos 044 amie and matt pregnancy announcement photos 055 amie and matt pregnancy announcement photos 086

So of course I am so excited to meet my new little niece, or nephew. I’m already dreaming of the cuddles, photo shoots, Disneyland trips, and mini milestones all along the way.

And of course, dreaming of the baby shower!! It feels like just yesterday that I was immersed in all things pink and cherry blossoms!

Now, don’t you worry, I’m sure I’ll be posting all along the way… but until then, enjoy a few photos from our announcement photos and the announcement itself that we printed on heavy linen cardstock. And of course, I had to add a little hand lettering to keep in theme with their wedding. 🙂

your new friend sam pregnancy announcement calligraphy photo card 098 your new friend sam pregnancy announcement calligraphy photo card 099

Rachel’s 32 Week Maternity Princess Portraits at Disneyland


When Rachel found out she was having a baby girl, we went right to work planning a dream of a princess fairytale baby shower. But first, Rachel having a baby just meant a few more photo shoots to plan as well. Our goal was to shoot around the castle to go with the fairytale baby shower that was coming up so that we could frame and display these photos as part of the decorations.

You already got a glimpse of the mama to be in her 26th week, but here she is at week 32, with her beau Kyle in tow.

And as an added bonus to the day, Jessica from J. Rose Photography tagged along with us. She took this first set of photos below… I loved seeing the other perspective from a different point of view. See more of Jessica’s photos from the day here.


We kept to the castle walls for most the shoot… and of course the weather warned of 70% chance of heavy rain, but I tell you, it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day!





Right before I took the above photo, Jess took this one below. Rachel has so many beautiful sides to share with the camera. 🙂


Once we were done with our fairytale photos, we branched out a bit and took advantage of the other greats parts of Disneyland.


And of course, we ended our night at sunset in California Adventure.



Stay tuned, tomorrow we will be showing the invitation and stationery of the shower and Thursday the photos from actual shower in all its princess glory.

Rachel’s 26 Week Maternity, Menifee Fields and Trees

The day was planned as an evening in to craft for Rachel’s May baby shower (themed fairytale storybook), but we of course couldn’t resist the backwoods of Menifee and the sprawling fields that are just minutes away from the Baby Shower Crafting Center—i.e. my house. 🙂

So this is the results of the question “wanna do a quick 10 minute mini shoot before we start crafting the night away?”

Rachel is only 26 weeks here in these photos, we plan to take the “real” photos next month… at the Happiest Place on Earth of course. Where else would you take a princess’ first photos? 🙂








Pretty sure this next one is my absolute favorite!







You may recognize this beautiful mama to be as my ever changing model from previous photo shoots—she is after all the one who modeled countless hours for me so I could continue to learn the craft:


Courtney and Andrew’s Maternity Photos | Canyon Lake, California

One of my oldest and dearest friend’s is having a baby in just a little over a month and I CAN NOT WAIT! I am so excited! Courtney and Andrew are going to be amazing parents! They love their little Jameson so much already and Andrew may be one of the most excited man I have ever seen to be a dad. The way he looks at Courtney is so genuinely sweet and he would just randomly reach over and rub her growing belly throughout the evening, even when I wasn’t asking him to. Courtney and Andrew have been together since Courtney and I were sophmores in high school. Since then, Courtney and I went to junior college and then both attended Cal State San Bernardino together, majoring in graphic design. Throughout it all, Andrew was there by her side, being her biggest supporter and encourager. Then, two years ago, I was a bridesmaid in their wedding and got to stand up with them when they pledged to love each other forever. And here we are, awaiting their first child. So needless to say, I feel like we’ve all been waiting for this moment for 10 years! And now you’ve been waiting to see the photos and all I’ve been doing is blabbing, so without further ado, here is Jameson’s parents, happy as can be…

Jameson’s room will be nautical themed so we wanted to photograph on a dock. Canyon Lake was an easy choice, and a local place, with a dock. Thank you J Rose Photography for also suggesting the Canyon Lake Lodge as a second location to Holiday Harbor, and for helping plan the timing of the session.

These next few are my favorite!

Courtney, you are beautiful!

Courtney and Andrew, I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Hope you’re enjoying your babymoon!