A Moment: 4 Year Old Eli at Disneyland

Each and every moment with all these little children are so precious to me. But each time they learn something new and take those big steps to growing up, my heart breaks a little knowing those moments are gone.

Eli’s wonderful mommy, Jamie, said something so profound a few weeks ago… She said that she was getting so caught up in being sad that those moments have past, she was missing out on the moments now. So instead she would take each one for its worth and celebrate each new moment.

I took this to heart when we took Eli to Disneyland at the beginning of the month. The last time I went with Eli was when he was 2… he loved going on all the rides but did not like getting off, he didn’t understand that getting off one ride just meant going to another. This time, Eli told us which rides he wanted to go on, which was just so cool! This led to us really getting to go through the parks through 4 year old eyes. And that was just so much fun!

Okay okay, I am getting to “a moment!”

Eli wanted to go on the Jumpin’ Jellyfish ride in Disney California Adventure and as we waited in line, he watched the attraction as it went up… and down… up… and down. And as I snapped photos of the awed look in his face, I was struck with remembering a similar photo taken just 2 years before…



All this to say, going forward I am going to keep trying living in each moment with all these little ones—and the big ones! Because really, Disneyland with a 4 year old, really is that much more fun! Especially when they start asking to ride the roller coasters!

Disney Ornament, Christmas Traditions 2012


One of my favorite traditions is buying our annual Disney ornament! I featured our 2011 ornament last year along with several others from previous years.

This year’s ornament, similar in look to last year, is our 8th annual ornament from Disneyland.


I think some of my favorite Disney ornaments though are from their more rustic collection—which feature a more vintage Mickey and Minnie—wish they had these out again this year.


Another new ornament this year was from our trip through Oregon, from Mutnomah Falls!


And lastly, remember this beauty from the Vintage Marketplace? Well, I had a migraine and had to miss the ornament exchange, so look who is sitting pretty on my tree?


What are some of your favorite ornaments?