Evernotes Every Friday

1. Pixar Logo Animations

This was fun to watch, seeing how far one the greatest (next to Disney of course) animation studio ever, Pixar, has come over the decades. Found via Brand New.

2. Lesley Barnes

I was really drawn to the illustration work of Lesley Barnes. Each piece made me smile, from the characters to the saturated colors. Found via Design Work Life.

3. Mohawk Paper

Another Design Work Life find, shows such an inspiring video to get to work, with your hands, making high quality crafts. See more from Mohawk Paper. What will you make today?

4. Biz Ladies Profile: Dana Tanamachi

Yet another week where I have to mention Dana Tanamachi, but this girl is just all over the place. And she is such an inspiration. In response to a question regarding starting your own business, she said:

Know your strengths. If you’re good at something, you’ll usually be passionate about it. Typically, we look at it from the other way around, but sometimes (and if we’re honest) we’re not that great at everything we’re passionate about. And in starting a business, we’ve got to be realistic. Both passion and skill have got to be there!

Read the whole interview here on Design*Sponge.

5. Art Display Frame

I love this concept for a frame! Such a cool and easy way to display art, and it would be easy to switch out different pieces. Found via Brave the Woods.

Evernotes Every Friday

1. Burton Skateboards by Dana Tanamachi

I wish I would have seen this in time for my 27 Wishes post! These are pretty much the most gorgeous snowboards I have ever seen. Oh how I love EVERY SINGLE piece of work Dana Tanamachi puts out!! See more images including some behind the scenes production work here.

2. Envelope Addressing Technique

One of my favorite things to do is letter envelopes… I have no idea why but its fun to get creative and try out different writing techniques along the way. It’s definitely where I’ve gotten the most practice in hand lettering (thanks to the many events of the Pankratz wedding)! But what I haven’t mastered yet, or taken the time and patience for, the address portion. I love to write the names in cursive but then the address usually defaults to my usually printing. But I love love love this concept of hand writing the address and then using a banner like shaped label for the address, bonus points for the wrap around to encompass the return address too!! Found via Erica’s Sweet Tooth.

After reading a few posts from the ladies who attended the Designer Vaca  from this past weekend, I started following some new boards on Pinterest. The next three features are about these new finds of mine…

3. Kayla Adams on Pinterest

I love so many of Kayla’s boards… her likes seem to mirror mine with the range of design to photography filled in with quite a few wedding related pins too! Follow Kayla here.

4. Shauna Haider on Pinterest

I’ve posted a few times from the Nubby Twiglet blog, aka Shauna Haider, a Designer Vaca attendee. So that name may stand out to you! While I have been following her blog for quite some time, for whatever reason, I never made it over to her Pinterest account! And I have definitely be missing out… Follow Shauna here.

5. Megan Gilger on Pinterest

And lastly, my most recent new follow: Megan Gilger. She posts fashionable finds and pins from her blog of her traveling adventures… oh what fun. Follow Megan here.