Roxy and Raymond, Malibu Beach Maternity Photos

roxy malibu maternity photography 9473

I didn’t meet Roxy and Raymond in person until the day of the shoot, but instantly, they felt like friends. And they’re relationship was just so sweet to watch… Roxy has such a joy within her, a happiness that’s contagious—Raymond truly loves her so much and you can see it in the way he talks with her and admires her.

Their little boy is due in October and we’re already planning the newborn shoot! I can not wait! But until then, enjoy these sweet moments from a Sunday evening sunset on the Malibu coast.

roxy malibu maternity photography 809 roxy malibu maternity photography 819


Roxy loved her white flowy dress for the photos, she couldn’t help but play with that light gauzy material, and as her photographer, I was so happy too! It made for some dreamy captures!


roxy malibu maternity photography 894 roxy malibu maternity photography 914 roxy malibu maternity photography 975 roxy malibu maternity photography 989 roxy malibu maternity photography 9018 roxy malibu maternity photography 9233roxy malibu maternity photography 958 roxy malibu maternity photography 9128  roxy malibu maternity photography 9136

Then just as the sun set behind the cliffs, Roxy changed into a second outfit for their last few photos.

roxy malibu maternity photography 9380 roxy malibu maternity photography 9365 roxy malibu maternity photography 9453

Roxy and Raymond, thanks so much for choosing me! It was an honor to capture this special moment in your lives… I’m ever so looking forward to meeting baby Raymond in the coming months!

Remi’s 3 Month and Trembly Family Photos at Santa Rosa Plateau

gillian family photos santa rosa 415

Years and years ago, like 12 years ago, this loud and energetic and FUN girl was in a dance class I assisted in. Fast forward a few years and I come to find out she actually went to the church and was friends with my hubby and my new found group of friends. We were even in our friends wedding in the fall of 2012 together!

And fast foward another couple years and here were are on a gorgeous summer day photographing her new family of 3! It’s amazing what God does in our lives, the gifts he gives from friends to family.

Hope you enjoy these photos of little Remi and her loving parents, Gillian and Drew.

And thanks Auntie Yoyo for assisting us that day, I am ever so thankful!

We started with my version of baby photos, outside with blankets… I call it my ghetto newborn style. 🙂 But it works, right?

gillian family photos santa rosa 047 gillian family photos santa rosa 071 gillian family photos santa rosa 105

Then we brought the new parents in for more family fun.

gillian family photos santa rosa 233 gillian family photos santa rosa 285

Nothing beats the smiles for Daddy.


gillian family photos santa rosa 44 gillian family photos santa rosa 281 gillian family photos santa rosa 323 gillian family photos santa rosa 362 gillian family photos santa rosa 403 gillian family photos santa rosa 563


Let’s end with my favorites, shall we?


gillian family photos santa rosa 626 gillian family photos santa rosa 633


The Wagoners’ Christmas Photos in the Snow, Big Bear


When Lauren and I first talked about getting some new photos of them taken, all she wanted was to take them in the snow. So 2 weeks later, we all drove up to Big Bear, randomly stopping along the road to take some pictures.

It had been awhile since the 4 of us had hung out, and I’m so glad my hubby was there with me to help us get smiles from his best buddy.

wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0699 wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0720 wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0736  wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0747

Seriously, isn’t Lauren just gorgeous! The snow really suits her. 🙂


This is by far my favorite photo of the day.

wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0816 wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0826 wagoner-christmas-photos-big-bear_0868

And we stopped for one last photo on the way home… you can kinda see a hint of pink noses as the temperature was dropping quick!


Thanks Mr. and Mrs. for spending a fun day in the snow with us! Love you both so so much!